Which Pickup for me?

External Pickup Standard Acoustic guitar, including Nylon Stringed classical guitars


whether your guitar has an end pin or is steel string or nylon, the External pickups will work fine for you. It is a passive system and gives extreemly high output and sensitivity. In most cases no pre-amp is required (I would say never) and sometimes a small passive attenuator is required to lower the output volume. This is available in a few different forms, see current product line for more details.

The single pickup gives a natural sound and can be moved around on the sound board to pickup different tones. I have found that the best allround possition is just behind the Bridge at the bass end.

This pickup is also very well suited to Ukulele and violin, it can even be used successfully on Dobro style guitars, and many percussion instruments including dulcimers etc.


The Dual Pickup offers more than just 2 pickups, firstly the design of the two pickup heads are very different. One is designed to boost and capture the Bass frequencies and the other is stronger on the treble end.
Great for Dreadnaught guitars and 000 guitars 12 strings, Dobro, Cello , Bass and any acoustic instrument that is rich in bass frequencies.

The treble pickup can be tuned "Mechanically" to give just the right balance of sound. You can experiment with different possitions, and it can easily be moved from instrument to instrument.




The internal pickup works in excactly the same way as the external pickup, except fot the fact that some installation is required.

There are 2 ways to install these pickups.

Drill a small hole next to the end block and ose the included Jack plug by poking it through from the inside and fasten the nut on the outside - there is no soldering required.
The pickups are glued in place with Hot Glue, so they can be removed in the future by aplying gentle heat. All that is required for this installation as a 10mm drill.

Possitioning can be tested externally, using the included "Blue Tack" to find your favourite possition. a small ammount of hot glue is also included aswell as full instructions on how to heat glue and possition pickups inside.




This is the De-Luxe installation and offers the option of the addition of a EndPin Jack plug offered as an extra purchase. There is no soldering required as the two plugs simply plug into eachother.

To install the pickup the same principals aply and the best possition is located externally, befor commiting to an internal installation.

To install the EndPin jack you need to enlarge your endpin hole to 12mm and you need a large screwdriver to screw the jack into place. A specially designed toolkit is available to Hire for a deposit.