The Grit - kick drum - triple dynamic microphone is the perfect microphone to get the fattest bass sound out of your kick drum. Specifically designed to accentuate the lower frequencies, the GRIT KICK Drum triple microphone uses 3 quality Peterman GRIT dynamic microphones. wired together in series to increase the diaphragm surface area while retaining the punch that the smaller diaphragms condensers can give. Perfect for live or studio applications, this bass drum microphone is hand-made in Australia using high-strength polypropylene/nylon construction, is lightweight and non-scratch. A great sounding microphone that mounts in a unique way, allowing you to get right into the sweet spot! "Get right in there".



  • fat kick bass sound
  • 3 small diaphragms
  • unidirectional
  • dynamic transducer 
  • XLR plug
  • easy mounting kick drum “GRIT design” bracket, and standard mounting tread (small tripod stand not included).
  • light weight
  • non scratch
  • high strength polypropylene/nylon construction
  • hand made in Australia

"Get right in there"


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Grit - kick drum - triple dynamic microphone

  • AU$199.00
  • AU$179.00

  • 4 or more AU$149.00

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