The Rock'n stomp -double Bass - professional stomp box-stompbox uses a rocker action to make playing long gigs more comfortable. This unit features two Peterman bass transducer.

This unit rocks back and forth (heel to toe) as you play so only half the amount of toe taps required, making it half the effort to play, as well as allowing you to put your weight on it as you play leaving your other leg with less weight as well!

  • ergonomic Peterman rocker action, 
  • easy toe and heal playing
  • comfortable standing or seated
  • small, portable
  • solid deep bass sound with two built in Bass transducer
  • Jack high impedance output!
  • hand made in Australia

A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound also use a subwoofer.



Dimensions: 300x150mm
Colour: Dark walnut stained Oak timber (timber may vary depending on supply)
Pickups: professional grade dynamic transducer





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Rockn stomp -double Bass - professional stomp box-stompbox

  • AU$299.00

Tags: Pro, bass, tambourine, jack, heel, toe, acoustic, stomp-box, puckn stompa, percussion, foot, professional