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Balance cost with convenience with the SUPER GRIT kit. This set of 5 dynamic drum microphones are designed and hand-made in Australia for optimum sound and simplicity of use in live, studio or home recording applications. The SUPER GRIT kit Includes 5 of the Peterman dynamic mics for close-miking of your tom, snare, and bass drums. Great sounding microphones from the Peterman GRIT range, that mount in a unique way, allowing you to get right into the sweet spot! "Get right in there". Designed and hand-made in Australia using high strength polypropylene/nylon construction, these quality microphones are lightweight and non-scratch. The SUPER GRIT kit is an easy to set up, cost-effective set of instrument specific mics, for an array of applications: stage, studio or recording.

Kit Includes:

3 x GRIT Tom Drum Dynamic Microphone

1 x GRIT Snare Drum Dynamic Microphone

1 x GRIT Kick Drum Triple Dynamic Microphone



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GRIT - Drum Kit - SUPER - microphones (5)

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  • US$396.75

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