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The ROCK 'N STOMP BASS & TAMBOURINE professional stomp box, uses a rocker action to make playing long gigs more comfortable. This unit features a Peterman bass transducer with 6 acoustic tambourine metal jingles.

  • ergonomic rocker action
  • easy toe and heal playing
  • comfortable standing or seated
  • small, portable
  • solid deep bass sound with built in Bass transducer
  • Crisp sounding 6 pairs tambourine metal jingles with built in Dynamic microphone.
  • XLR low impedance mixed output, only one cable needed!
  • Sound can easily be mixed using EQ.
  • hand made in Australia

A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound also use a subwoofer.



Dimensions: 300x150mm
Colour: Dark walnut stained Oak timber (timber may vary depending on supply)
Pickups: professional grade dynamic transducer and Dynamic microphone
Outputs: standard XLR canon





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ROCK'N STOMP - BASS & TAMBOURINE - professional stomp box-stompbox

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  • US$186.75

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