So, you would like to endorse my products! Thats Great, tell everybody how great it is, no problems!!

Oh..... you want me to give you free stuff....

Firstly let me say I have a Policy, only customers qualify for endorsement deals, this means that if you have never purchased a product from me, then you don’t qualify… If you are an existing customer then we may be able to do some cross-over marketing.

A Little background..  I have one part time employee and myself making these products.. each unit is Hand made and we take a lot of care in our design and production, we are a very small workshop and we simply don’t have the money to give away products for free or heavily discounted, we are both musicians and make our living from music and art,so making these products allow us to make some extra income to fill in the gaps between gigs..
As you no doubt know making a living from music is not easy!!

My first option is alway cross over marketing, so you promote my products and I will promote your act!

The second option is product endorsement where we can discuss possible discounts for some products in return for active and monetary marketing!
This means for example, A video of a performance where the product is easily visible and this video is being promoted financially (paid promotion, not just friend sharing) then I will definitely look at some support through discounted products, the amount of discount depends on the promotion. I may even promote the video as well.

This way we can both benefit and have a win/win.

If this feels like something you could do, then contact me now!!

Peter Sesselmann

Acoustic Guitar pickups and Stompboxes