vlog#9 Part2 silvertone repair

fibrous "yea" powdery as it's coming apart.. Is these are any kind of serial number we can look at here to try and date this thing? there is a serial number here um I looked it up but it looks like at the 1962-63 yeah it's a 62 the h612 - I think it's the model number and the 3093 is probably the serial number as such hmm okay well um yeah so there you have it i mean looks like the inside of a guitar these these are these have been glued quite well yeah different kind of glue? same glue they have used all over. that's the thing with the guitars ever made back in the day, they used hoof glue there would have useful oh yeah.. so this is this is real guitar glue, when you buy a cheap instrument today it can be anything I remember buying one to pull apart for fun that used fiberglass like polyester resin that's glued together. which rendered it completely useless.. really you couldn't do anything to it so at least here they have used.. although it's old and quite crackly .... it is made from the right stuff this instrument isn't it's not beyond repair this is wise it's quite workable.. yes even with these splits in the in the back panel... this is gonna come up beautiful.. you know this this is the fixed I might put a bit of glue on these cracks and while the back is off "yep" probably while I'm gluing this down, yes coming loose... I could could replace that with a piece of timber which has got a little bit more interesting characteristics you put some maple there or something yeah probably okay that's certainly nicely aged yeah let's not kind of do anything unexpected suddenly I think I'll just go with what's there I'm just gonna glue this back on as it was so I'll glue that down glue this put a little glue in the cracks here and then when that's dry and set then we'll just reassemble it and as i said I'll run some glue all the way around the edge here reinforced with a little just just just because I can just because it's open you know and I said this glue is very brittle so there could be some tiny little cracks that'll force vibration and things like that so by pouring and putting a little glue in and nice arching it all the way around it'll just seal that up and lock it I think that some it's not too bad considering it's what 55 how old is it be 55 years old in a little bit of 55 year old yeah rabbits fluff laughs best imported from America sold on eBay it's a collector's item there you go place you offers now! we're back so here's an interesting thing um and I didn't know this until I actually pulled it apart this thing is made from solid timber it's not made from ply I just kind of assumed cheap instrument back in its day that would I just hammered it together from someone from plywood... that is not the case this is solid the back is solid the sides are solid and the front is made from solid wood and I'd say it's it's probably spruce (maple) or something this is this looks like spruce certainly at the back here in the front well it could be a different cut of spruce its a little bit darker hey look I'm getting I'm getting a little bit excited... yeah look so probably as far as Tone wood goes it's probably a little richer than ply well all good guitars are made from from solid timber so that's that doesn't mean that all ply guitars are bad because I've got a few guitars which are made from ply and I got a really nice tone and really nice sound.. but certainly being solid timbers it opens up another possibility for it of the sound being quite good when it's back together so what I'm going to do now is.. it has a little crack running down here and a little crack down the back there so all I'm gonna do tonight is I'm gonna run some glue in there and just put some tape on and let that crack stabilize then this just fell off basically there was hardly anything holding on then I'm gonna reglue this in situ my clamps are a little short to reach that at the moment so I have to think of a way of doing that so that'll be the next job this this is gonna be.... a little split there yeah well as this is gluing that's gonna be pushing that open a little bit time to see how I how I glue that I might just temporarily put a clamp on there so that cuz oh if I glue that crack and then put these on this it's gonna crack open again because of the pressure so while that crack loose I might actually just apply a little bit of pressure here so it gets a chance to dry where I want it to go

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