vlog#7 Stompboxes .. What is best.. XLR or Jack plugs?

I'm Peter Sesselmann and this is our workshop blog so with me here today I've got Alex Yates yep he actually makes a lot of the products that we sell I'm gonna make them together I suppose now one of the questions we're going to attack today is it comes up all the time on the email and blogs and stuff like that is when you buy a stompbox which is better the XLR or the Jack model okay so just to show you here here's a XLR puck in this case Jack and that's the jack so for those of you don't know the XLR uses a plug like that get that shot there yep and the jack of course is like a guitar jack so what's the difference Alex well the application is one better than the other oh it's not really about better and that's more about connectivity where are you gonna plug it into practicality practicality yeah I mean if you want to know they accept electronic differences between Jack and XLR there's tons of videos and specs online that you can look up and read for hours and hours and there's also equally many opinions about whether one is better than the other I think at the end of the day they're both good systems if you have a good cable a good quality cable then one up against the other I can think of very few circumstances where you'd notice any major difference the XLR might be might be handy if you're if you're on a lot of big stages and they have a snake or a breakout box up on the stage we just got all xlr's in it if you don't have a jack stompbox you will need a DI box to connect the two together so in those circumstances I suppose XLR might be a little bit more convenient what about the jack though? if you're playing at home? and well yeah if you're if you're at home and you've just got a small little bass amp or you are you in for something practice amp yeah yeah you don't a drag you PA out every time you have a practice "no" so yeah is there a difference well the difference in sound ? well in this case we are talking about Pucks and stompboxes in this particular case there's other cases where the rules are different yeah that's right but in this case just the application of the stompbo XLR jack connection sound difference it's there's nothing there or it's so incredibly subtle that it doesn't it's not significant,if you if you're testing one against the other on the PA or something like that the little tiny tiny difference that you hear could actually be the preamp in the PA the difference between the jack input and the XLR input because they have different circuits inside the PA so it may not be the puck that's different at all it might just be the PA that's different, so yeah not really there is no difference it just comes down to what you what you're playing through as I said it's personally if you're asking for my opinion... I probably think that jack is a little bit more convenient! yeah iI like the Jack.. the the the XLR plug has a little little hook that stops it falling, people say.. jack plugs fall out! have you had jack plug falling-out? I have but definitely had more problems with XLR I was wearing out and losing tightness "that's right" the quarter inch Jack, because inside the the XLR plugs there's three tiny little sleeve Springs that go on to the the pins and you've got more chance of those not connecting properly than you have of a jack plug not connecting properly especially the pucks that they we make here, the stompboxes we make here we actually.. every jack plug, the female version chassis version we hand adjust them before we install them just to make sure that that spring, the angles on this spring are perfect for a classic Jack plug just tightens it up just just a little bit so you don't have a chance of rattle coming looseness and you know that's right and yes that's basically it, in closing to answer the question there is no difference that's a short answer the long answer is kind of depends on what you using it for yeah pick what works for you hmm, so that's all for today thanks for your time I hope you enjoyed this little chitchat from the workshop if you have any, if you have any questions or anything that you want us to answer in this vlog then just you know drop me a line or an email or whatever and click the the button..... what's it called again you know subscribe subscribe the little bell thing subscribe your bell thing that's right and for your and because we look a little bit like Doctors here today.. so for your morning therapy you can you can click on that and he'll get a little video every now and then so you can lie down on the couch that's right so in case you're wondering why we why we're dressed up like "mad scientists" it's because well, this is a workshop and underneath this that's my shirt is full of glue and paint and all kinds of things so to just kind of make it look a little bit less like we killed somebody out the back... it was a choice between white coats or straight jackets but through the straitjacket can't really pick up the stompbox to show you so we went with the lab coats instead... okay well, have a great day and catch you next time

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