vlog#6 How to set up and recondition a vintage guitar

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00:00:01.730 --> 00:00:09.530
Good day excitement for today is delivery
just came through from United States

00:00:09.530 --> 00:00:18.570
it's a vintage Hagstrom I just pick
it up from the post office so let's

00:00:18.570 --> 00:00:22.439
open it up and see what they find inside
it was supposed to have been dismantled

00:00:22.439 --> 00:00:27.449
with the neck taken off the body to save
the on shipping, was a good idea but it

00:00:27.449 --> 00:00:46.620
arrived in the in a full-size box so not
sure if that actually took place.

00:00:46.620 --> 00:00:49.280
it came in a cardboard box
personally I probably would have a

00:00:49.280 --> 00:00:54.469
a bubble wrap or some more padding

00:00:55.340 --> 00:01:03.850
I suppose if it has lived 53 years gonna
hang in there a little bit longer.. right

00:01:03.850 --> 00:01:16.640
so lets have a look... its nice.. pretty much exactly as it appeared on the images this was bought on the on

00:01:16.640 --> 00:01:25.610
reverb few little scratches around the
sides nothing I didn't expect frets are

00:01:25.610 --> 00:01:32.830
in reasonable condition certainly no
need to re-fret any time soon

00:01:32.830 --> 00:01:42.340
back of the neck a few Little nicks.. doesn't
really need much done to it

00:01:42.340 --> 00:01:49.069
I'll probably plan to do is i'll
probably put new strings on this drinks

00:01:49.069 --> 00:01:54.380
are fairly new gonna put a little oil on
the fretboard give it a good clean up

00:01:54.380 --> 00:02:02.180
and the the whammy bar has gone missing
at some point or another so is that

00:02:02.180 --> 00:02:16.760
that's tube so I need to make up one of
those, not a big drama pick up looks like it lost one of the metal magnets

00:02:16.760 --> 00:02:23.959
one of its metal discs you can see that on
there and this pickups have like little

00:02:23.959 --> 00:02:28.190
metal discs that fit inside the holes
and look like one of them has fallen out

00:02:28.190 --> 00:02:33.680
that may cause that string to ring
slightly lower in volume..  so

00:02:33.680 --> 00:02:39.160
probably have to make up something to
put in there all that said and done

00:02:39.160 --> 00:02:48.579
not in bad Nick actually... you want to have a look Alex?

00:02:49.150 --> 00:03:02.329
so what is it? 53 years old
yeah.... they are famous for their

00:03:02.329 --> 00:03:17.269
necks you know, you can actually see the
truss rod at the tail end there if you

00:03:17.269 --> 00:03:23.230
look here you can see that's that's that
profile that they're famous for oh yeah

00:03:23.230 --> 00:03:28.010
expose it yes you can see the hole..
normally this is a sticker over there a

00:03:28.010 --> 00:03:32.659
little little metal plate top of it and
if you can see it on the camera here you

00:03:32.659 --> 00:03:38.680
can see the shape or the the truss rod
in there that's what makes this neck

00:03:38.680 --> 00:03:51.730
world famous cool okay

00:03:52.000 --> 00:03:57.410
I will check back in when I get ready to
set it up okay so I'm just gonna take

00:03:57.410 --> 00:04:04.519
off the inspect there's a little bit of
scratching in the switches so can I look

00:04:04.519 --> 00:04:16.449
at what's happening behind that that's
pretty pretty straightforward and clean

00:04:16.449 --> 00:04:20.780
tops which is just a kill switch so
when you flick that on that just go

00:04:20.780 --> 00:04:28.000
straight to earth so it's the same that's
handy if you are using a clip-on tuner

00:04:28.000 --> 00:04:35.780
just kill the signal and and sure this
switches great scrape a little bit so

00:04:35.780 --> 00:04:40.280
I'm gonna just apply some switch
lubricant and clean it the same with the

00:04:40.280 --> 00:04:43.430
pot and then I'm just gonna put it back
together there's nothing that needs any

00:04:43.430 --> 00:04:46.030
changing here

00:04:46.289 --> 00:04:56.360
I'll spray a little lubricant in there.. and wiggle the switches back and forth a little bit

00:05:05.190 --> 00:05:10.360
and do the same with the pot. there are two
last switches here there are just a tone

00:05:10.360 --> 00:05:16.240
type switch which affects the tone a
little bit.. that basically one is a

00:05:16.240 --> 00:05:22.210
capacitor the other one is just a resistor
so nothing magical going on I'm just

00:05:22.210 --> 00:05:47.890
gonna leave all that exactly as it is I think.

00:05:47.890 --> 00:05:52.030
few little nixon and cracks and stuff
like that  its they had

00:05:52.030 --> 00:05:55.510
over the years now I'm not gonna respray
this or anything like that I'm just

00:05:55.510 --> 00:06:01.480
going to put a little bit of PVA glue in
this and this cracks just to stabilize

00:06:01.480 --> 00:06:06.790
so that they don't get any worse

00:06:06.790 --> 00:06:17.260
basically that's because it's not....well
you know it's a 53 year old guitar I don't

00:06:17.260 --> 00:06:23.800
want it to look brand new! if I wanted a new one I would have bought a new one..  just

00:06:23.800 --> 00:06:30.190
putting it up PVA glue in here that will
go underneath the loose little bit of

00:06:30.190 --> 00:06:36.640
loose paint work and also seal the area
which is exposed that's what I did with

00:06:36.640 --> 00:06:44.140
my previous Hagstrom as well, so that's
all that it needs there really,  just gonna

00:06:44.140 --> 00:06:52.660
let that let that dry and clean off the
excess they're gonna string it up and see

00:06:52.660 --> 00:06:57.010
what it sounds like
okay so I've had a bit of a closer look

00:06:57.010 --> 00:07:02.350
at the Hagstrom 2 - and you can see it
here and what I've noticed is that

00:07:02.350 --> 00:07:07.450
there's a little bit of fret where I see
if we can get in the end see it's a tiny

00:07:07.450 --> 00:07:12.849
tiny amount of fret where along here
that neck is still pretty good

00:07:12.849 --> 00:07:17.440
conditioners pretty straight what I'm
going to do is I'm gonna take this

00:07:17.440 --> 00:07:22.270
straight piece of wood nice and straight
I'm gonna use double sided tape I'm

00:07:22.270 --> 00:07:26.530
gonna put some sand paper on the one
surface and I'm just gonna condition

00:07:26.530 --> 00:07:33.640
condition those frets just a little bit
just to make the action a little more

00:07:33.640 --> 00:07:39.360
playable and its really playable as it
is so I'm probably just being nitpicky

00:07:39.360 --> 00:07:46.900
all right that's me okay so here I got
some man double-sided tape

00:07:46.900 --> 00:07:52.600
it's a Express tape that's quite a
good multipurpose tape it's

00:07:52.600 --> 00:07:56.230
double-sided tape which doesn't have any
foam on it so it's a it's a very thin

00:07:56.230 --> 00:08:05.530
double-sided tape so I'm gonna just
stick that on this is a wood here hung

00:08:05.530 --> 00:08:07.950
like that

00:08:22.400 --> 00:08:36.300
we take the same sandpaper and want to
have is 400 grit pushing it down into

00:08:36.300 --> 00:08:53.630
the tape and then basically just lining
up as well as we can continue onwards

00:08:54.470 --> 00:09:06.030
now we have a emery stick pretty straight
so this is you know I'm not a scientific

00:09:06.030 --> 00:09:10.320
method you can you can go and spend the
money and getting your guitar plexed and

00:09:10.320 --> 00:09:18.990
stuff like that and some people swear by
that very much I find that this this

00:09:18.990 --> 00:09:24.830
works pretty good so now all we need is
a bit of patience

00:09:33.870 --> 00:09:41.110
now as you've noticed I've been going
back and forth a lot over the fret board

00:09:41.110 --> 00:09:46.870
and that caused this little sandpaper
marks going across the frets so when you

00:09:46.870 --> 00:09:52.090
go to to bend notes you'll get a little
me as it scrapes across these little

00:09:52.090 --> 00:09:57.160
scratches so I'm gonna finish off by
moving back and forth over the over the

00:09:57.160 --> 00:10:01.300
frets so that the scratches become top
to bottom so your bending notes in off

00:10:01.300 --> 00:10:05.310
getting that kind of lived scraping
sound happening and that's just done by

00:10:05.310 --> 00:10:10.890
going over it again in this direction

00:10:28.480 --> 00:10:31.480

00:10:34.380 --> 00:10:38.340
it does look pretty good I'm not gonna
apply a little bit more oil to the

00:10:38.340 --> 00:10:41.430
fretboard is because this fretboard was
very dry probably haven't been almost

00:10:41.430 --> 00:10:49.920
for 50 years I'm just using a orange oil
first I'm just gonna clean clean it a

00:10:49.920 --> 00:11:01.500
little bit so I'm just using a half a
window cleaner just get off some of that

00:11:01.500 --> 00:11:10.790
black metallic dust that was created
when we em and they sounded the phrase

00:11:14.210 --> 00:11:22.110
feels really good so I'm gonna be with
generous with this because said progress

00:11:22.110 --> 00:11:28.140
them in all in a long time something's
gonna rub that in with my fingers that

00:11:28.140 --> 00:11:31.490
then absorb into the timber

00:11:34.889 --> 00:11:38.490
nice and refreshed

00:11:55.960 --> 00:12:03.360
wipe it off lytic see there's still
black stuff coming off wiping that off

00:12:18.940 --> 00:12:22.450
that's a bit cleaner

00:12:24.330 --> 00:12:29.200
I'm robbing a bit on the back of the
neck as well because there was a few

00:12:29.200 --> 00:12:36.000
chips and things so that where the
varnish had come off you can see here

00:12:36.000 --> 00:12:40.060
there's a few little marks and I've
sanded off back a little bit and I'm

00:12:40.060 --> 00:12:43.480
just rubbing some rather than rebar
gnashing the neck I'm just rubbing a

00:12:43.480 --> 00:12:49.150
little oil in there too to perfect it
them keep the timber happy and that's

00:12:49.150 --> 00:12:54.940
this is just part of the maintenance of
an old guitar in them I'll do this tour

00:12:54.940 --> 00:13:00.280
me or my guitars feel irregularly it's
not something I do once and then forget

00:13:00.280 --> 00:13:06.640
about it every every four times when I
change strings so every second time

00:13:06.640 --> 00:13:11.140
depending on how long it's been I will
give it a good clean down and bit of oil

00:13:11.140 --> 00:13:15.010
on the fret board bit of oil on the
tuning pegs and you know it's it's a

00:13:15.010 --> 00:13:20.430
it's a machine it's a musical machine
that's need main and it's just like a

00:13:20.430 --> 00:13:28.800
car or a lawnmower depending on what
your favorite transportation method is

00:13:28.980 --> 00:13:34.630
so yeah I'm just gonna leave that oil
now to suck into the timber probably

00:13:34.630 --> 00:13:41.980
overnight tomorrow I'll come back and I
will put new strings on string it up I

00:13:41.980 --> 00:13:47.260
have to see if I can get a metal bar
that fits into the truss rod fitting

00:13:47.260 --> 00:13:55.390
there because I like the sorry into the
whammy bar a fitting because I have I

00:13:55.390 --> 00:13:58.540
haven't got another guitar at a bar a
bar I've never really had one never

00:13:58.540 --> 00:14:02.860
wanted one but since this one has one on
there I thought might be fun to give it

00:14:02.860 --> 00:14:06.370
a bit of a girl because my ultimate plan
for this guitar actually I want to put

00:14:06.370 --> 00:14:10.960
my guitar synthesizer on it not doing it
damage to it this is gonna be mounted

00:14:10.960 --> 00:14:15.100
with them with some double-sided tape or
something that doesn't do any damage

00:14:15.100 --> 00:14:20.320
and after being testing to see how the
the whammy bar goes on on the synth well

00:14:20.320 --> 00:14:25.230
this is quite a distance tracks really
well its a Roland guitar synth

00:14:25.230 --> 00:14:28.530
not a new ones one of the older ones but
it's got a really good tracking for

00:14:28.530 --> 00:14:34.010
pitch Bend you can get really delicate
little little bends out of the synth so

00:14:34.010 --> 00:14:39.450
that's that's my plan for this
instrument now hopefully to tomorrow

00:14:39.450 --> 00:14:43.230
I'll have it all strung back up and
ready to play as an electric guitar with

00:14:43.230 --> 00:14:49.080
after synth attachment and tomorrow
night is actually a jam on in Newcastle

00:14:49.080 --> 00:14:52.890
that I'm hoping to take it to and maybe
I'll bring my camera and I'll actually

00:14:52.890 --> 00:14:59.040
play a little bit live to see what this
thing sounds like up with a with a good

00:14:59.040 --> 00:15:08.550
guys so let's cross our fingers for
that one... okay till tomorrow but for

00:15:08.550 --> 00:15:16.580
you will be a second away but for me
it's actually overnight see how we go

00:15:18.920 --> 00:15:24.050
now the original Hagstrom when it was
released back in the

00:15:24.050 --> 00:15:27.759
70s or early 70s

00:15:27.770 --> 00:15:32.890
had a cover on the switches

00:15:33.579 --> 00:15:39.350
like this how quickly I might wanna do
that assist of paper I'll have some

00:15:39.350 --> 00:15:44.420
white sticker plastic or vinyl sticker
than one printed on eventually but I

00:15:44.420 --> 00:15:48.430
just wanna I'm just make sure to see
them fits

00:15:49.070 --> 00:15:53.480
at the kind of bits the long-winded eyes
I'm gonna take the big guy door from

00:15:53.480 --> 00:16:00.019
take this plate off make sure a good an
exact match clean it right back it's an

00:16:00.019 --> 00:16:03.199
acetone or something so I get it would
stick then stick the vinyl sticker up

00:16:03.199 --> 00:16:06.660
and then put it back on the board

00:16:06.660 --> 00:16:10.129
originally did a suppose

00:16:13.120 --> 00:16:16.680
so I've taken the screws out

00:16:17.340 --> 00:16:23.320
like I'm soft
type of background

00:16:23.320 --> 00:16:27.850
I'm not sure if this is the original plate
or if it's something that's been the

00:16:27.850 --> 00:16:32.769
retro made and if you can see but if you
look at it closely it looks a little

00:16:32.769 --> 00:16:39.360
kind of jagged here and had done
it's possible that this

00:16:39.360 --> 00:16:45.709
its been made later on, although I can't see why..

00:16:48.020 --> 00:16:53.690
anyway or maybe they were quite a semi
handmade in the factory back then it's

00:16:53.690 --> 00:16:56.170
hard to say

00:16:57.300 --> 00:17:02.130
maybe that's how that made them fall
about the whole today so anyway I have

00:17:02.130 --> 00:17:07.260
my the template thing here I'll see how
that basically that's going to be stuck

00:17:07.260 --> 00:17:11.900
onto this plastic bit it's going to
screw it back on

00:17:13.059 --> 00:17:16.259
ill just make it up and make sure it fits..

00:17:17.389 --> 00:17:25.949
and so as I suspect the that little
cover plate was a retro-fit it was made

00:17:25.949 --> 00:17:31.390
after after the guitar was made
as a result of that for some reason it was

00:17:31.390 --> 00:17:34.780
made smaller than the original would
have been so the artwork wouldn't fit on

00:17:34.780 --> 00:17:39.250
this plate so I can see I printed out
the artwork here that's what it would

00:17:39.250 --> 00:17:43.180
look like on the guitar and it is a bit
small next I'm going to have to cut a

00:17:43.180 --> 00:17:47.550
new plate there's no big deal I got
this plastic like workshop so I'll just

00:17:47.550 --> 00:17:53.410
glue the sticker onto plastic plates cut
a few holes in it and then we are ready to

00:17:53.410 --> 00:17:57.660
rock and roll I'll do that

00:17:59.470 --> 00:18:04.590
now the other thing they do on this
guitar part

00:18:05.050 --> 00:18:07.590
the Whammy

00:18:09.520 --> 00:18:15.410
is missing so that needs to be a
five-millimeter rod, being in Australia

00:18:15.410 --> 00:18:19.520
being a metric country you can't get a
5mm rod...

00:18:19.520 --> 00:18:26.309
I can find the five-mm screw 5.5mm
rod, which is imperial converted

00:18:26.309 --> 00:18:29.630
so I'm just gonna weld that to the end of

00:18:29.630 --> 00:18:36.010
went up a little bit so I have one
drink up

00:18:36.180 --> 00:18:39.350
throw the strings back on give it a

00:18:39.350 --> 00:18:44.300
adjust the in-tonation and I'm planning
to take it to a jam tonight and see what

00:18:44.300 --> 00:18:46.630
it sounds like

00:18:51.750 --> 00:18:57.120
okay so now the new plate this on and
that made some kind of

00:18:57.120 --> 00:19:03.840
my whammy bar replacement thing
rough-and-ready but I will at some point

00:19:03.840 --> 00:19:09.400
in the future, will do the job tonight

00:19:09.400 --> 00:19:15.170
next things to put some strings on some

00:19:15.170 --> 00:19:19.390
I've kind of put it all together now
we've got the wunderbar happening

00:19:19.390 --> 00:19:27.050
temporary plastic cover here it's quite
and it is quite temporary too so while

00:19:27.050 --> 00:19:30.710
I'm waiting for something else to to dry
in the workshop I actually wanna I'm

00:19:30.710 --> 00:19:34.910
gonna start making the proper one I'm
gonna use some clear perspex the image

00:19:34.910 --> 00:19:40.750
behind the perspex that screw
shines through from

00:19:40.750 --> 00:19:45.800
but there's not actual perspex its
polycarbonate which is like perspex but

00:19:45.800 --> 00:19:50.880
it's unbreakable
great stuff

00:19:51.990 --> 00:19:54.860
okay so

00:19:55.609 --> 00:20:02.309
okay so I ended up making a new perspex
I just cut it out of clear perspex

00:20:02.309 --> 00:20:06.139
and glued the laser print to the back of it

00:20:06.750 --> 00:20:09.890
so I'm just putting

00:20:11.310 --> 00:20:16.630
from this
the other thing that

00:20:18.309 --> 00:20:21.629
that's all

00:20:23.510 --> 00:20:31.930
which is a bit awkward  actually as you cat see and I don't look at the front

00:20:36.930 --> 00:20:45.100
some tiny little indentations along the
side of the neck for each dot

00:20:46.710 --> 00:20:52.110
I put a bit of liquid paper

00:20:52.110 --> 00:20:55.370
inevitably spilling

00:20:58.290 --> 00:21:02.360
the dots will stay because they're

00:21:07.650 --> 00:21:15.590
and then just tune her back up
ready to take it to the jam tonight

00:21:43.480 --> 00:21:48.470
there you go theres your markers on the
side of the neck

00:21:48.470 --> 00:21:53.330
so thats 
pretty much it

00:22:15.360 --> 00:22:23.190
okay ill just fine tune that and see what it sounds like

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