vlog#2 How to make a stomp box or guitar amplifier

Good day I I'm Peter Sesselmann, and this is my vlog number two

So last week's vlog we were talking about what's the best kind of

amp to use for a stomp box and guitar and things like that and

There's this a lot of good amps out there sometimes

It's a bit difficult to find one that suits your specific purpose and in that vlog. I mentioned that you can actually

quickly and cheaply and easily build on yourself, so

that got quite a lot of feedback from viewers and

Asking me to show how that would be done

So that's why this week I decided to run that vlog first

I was actually planning something else this week, but hey!

let's make hay while the Sun shines, people are interested in how to build or how to make a

Acoustic stompbox amp let's go with that one!

So it's actually quite simple first of all you need a few little bits and pieces

So  by hunting around on Facebook marketplace or eBay or Gumtree

You can usually find a whole heap of second-hand subwoofers

Usually from a car or something like that. You can get home theater ones too, but in this case

I'm going to focus on one that would have lived in a car

For the reason that it would be 12 volts and that can be really handy if you're doing busking and things like that you can

Just run the whole thing off a battery

So today, I'm gonna look at 12 volt subwoofers that are turned into

Little busking apps little practice amps or and little amp to play it at home

This is not something that you would use

At a concert for thousands of  people. You'd probably want something slightly bigger, and they bit more professional maybe a bit more expensive

But this is a way of putting together a little busking amp that sound

Fantastic and not cost all that much so I have a quite a few here

This is one that I bought on

Facebook marketplace, it's I think I only paid about $50 for it. It's quite a nice

orion sub

I'm not going to be using this one today because I want to keep that as it is so I'm gonna put that away I

Just wanted this one to show you what you can pick up here's another one this one, I built

the bo

 I'm not I'm not going to show you how to build a speaker box today because

There's heaps of videos on how to build a bo

 And that's not what this is about this is about just taking what you can easily get your hands on and turning it into a

functional product

So this one's handy because I got a luggage trolley. I put the amp at the back there little mixer. It's got a

Tweeter and the sub at the front here, and you can just wheel it well you can sit on it  when you play

It's a really practical little unit so that's that's easily made.

And concentrate on

Concentrate on what are we going to make today, so!

again on

One of the marketplaces I picked up this setup. I was about fifty or sixty dollars. There's a lot of kids out there have

Expensive car stereos with subs and all that type of stuff in it they sell the car or that moved on

They don't really go for that duffa duffa anymore, so that is clearing out their old subwoofers and amps, every

Time I look there's at least three or four for sale, so you shouldn't have any problems picking one up. I would think

So this is a fairly fairly rustic one, I reckon

Some somebody built this boxed himself

Nothing wrong with it. It's just a chipboard bo

 It's got a it's got a ten inch subwoofer in it

It came with

came with an amp

This is a four by fifty watt RMS this is

You know 200 Watts and Beyond?

Now at least that these amps are also bridgeable because we're not running stereo

I'm just going to bridge one of the channels and make it a hundred watt

It's got a power in it has some inputs and things here

And where you can run,

run your little mixer in and you can select if you want full range, or if you want to shelve it

But like the normally they will

be set to shelving if they were just ran as a subwoofer

But we want them to be full range are they're switching them back to full they also have a little gain

Control where you can adjust and once you've got all plugged in so it doesn't distort or anything like that

So these are is up pretty good apps. There's solid amps and

Again as I said usually you can pick up a speaker with the amp for around about fifty sixty dollars

So in addition to that you'll need a little mixer

This is a little behringer

That runs of twelve volt. It's important unless you've got a battery-powered makes anyway

You can put batteries in the back like a nine volt or something like that and this leave. It as a separate unit

It's preferable for it be 12 volts you can run it off the same battery

Then I went to my local electronics store and bought  a tweeter is a cheep tweeter

anywhere between ten and fifteen dollars for something like this

You don't need a capacitor on the tweeters because on piezo tweeters because piezo are already a capacitor so

kind of just plug and play really

Little bit of cabling and plugs and bits and pieces you don't really need to know how to solder to do this I

Personally always think that if you're a musician that that uses

Instruments that need to be plugged in

You should know how to solder because at some point or another you want to fix a cable

Or you need to do some emergency repair a little soldering iron little soldering kit. I think would be a great idea for any

electric musician

Now having said that you don't need it

But and I'm not talking about you know repairing your iPads or something like that nothing nothing. That's more on that complicated

just fixing a cable or

basic basic soldiering

I think is important and I may actually if I may consider doing a vlog just simply on

Basic repair soldiering of cables and bits and pieces because I think that's something every

Musician really should know so if you're interested in something like that again just comment or or send me an email

And I'll do a very simple quick instructions on how to solder and how to make your soldiering successful


I'm using our homemade the

Microphone here that clips on to my glasses to get slightly better sound

When I talk but the cable is a bit annoying at the back here

So that's why I might look like I have a tick or something like that

So first thing you do when you when you get a speaker like this. It's you

You just screw driver, and you're un do the screws, and then you pull the speaker out

Okay and usually what you will find

inside the bo

 Is nothing it's basically an empty box now you need to drill a hole

For the tweeter so using a hole saw like this and the drill of course

I'm not going to show you how to drill a hole if you don't know how to drill a hole then just

Check out some videos on YouTube. I'm sure there's instructions on how to make a hole


Find one which is as close as possible to

The the back size of the tweeter, so it sits nice and tightly and doesn't leak too much air

then zzzt

You drill a hole and I just put

the plug back in here

So pretend I'm drilling.. bzzz bzzz

Poof little biscuit comes out

So now

You have a box with a hole for the speaker and a hole for the tweeter

Get much simpler than that normally what I was doing and this situation is I will grab some kind of padding a bit of foam

an old pillow anything which is a little bit soft just to dampen out that chamber a little bit, so it's not too boingy

Same kind of thing you would do with a kick drum

shove that in there

there is nothing high tech about that


We've got our tweeter, and we've got our woofer, now

The tweeter of course needs to be wired in so this is where you'll need a bit of soldiering skills or you can go to a

automotive stereo place and

That can usually sell you some cables with this slip-on shoes on them

They they all seem to have the car stereo seem to have that quite commonly so that's not really a problem. So this is basically

Slip-on you've got black and red or white and red or whatever and the red usually signifies plus

And they just slide onto those little lugs, so that's very easy, but you've got to do that after it's in

So we'll put

In this case I have the cable that's gonna run off to the app

And I'm just gonna put that through

through here

And just bring it out the shelf port

I mean ideally you'd probably wanna drill a hole and put a little jack plug or a speaker plug in there

This is just a quick demo

This is not a beautiful box by the way if you want to

spend a bit of time on the woodwork and make yourself a beautiful box, by all means

I do like beautiful boxes?

but that's not the purpose of this video this video is to show you really quickly how you can make up a

Little acoustic amp so then you have to thread the the tweeter cable up through the tweeter hole

With then plug the tweeter in positive


Goes in the hole when you drill the hole for the twitter

Make sure that

There's nothing inside the box. That's going to restrict the tweeter like he for instance. There's a piece of wood there, but it's

I just miss it

So it just goes and they've just check that you pick a spot where the tweeter will fit without too much akkom Krack (a bit of german)

The sub then goes in here then it's really just a question of putting a few screws in

All of the screws here a

I'll fast forward this section

Okay, so we have now

Screwed the speaker and the tweeter in

Now that's not a little trick here that I'm going to do because I've worked with these speakers before

And if you can see it clearly on the video, but this is just a scooped


And I know from experience that they tend to sound a little honky, and I have a little annoying

lump in the middle of the EQ

If you had a fancy equalizer and stuff like that you could probably just filter that out electronically

But I like to fix things mechanically personally. Before I jump on the desk and fiddle with buttons

I look at the construction of the unit,, what can I do here to?

modify to

Make it sound a little better or to change the sound

And this is a trick that I've done on quite a lot of these speakers

I've done it on the little amp you saw before a little Street rig that I built and that is simply

Go to an haberdashery or a craft shop and get some felt

with sticky back



Take something round like a bowl

Draw a circle

On the back grab a pair of scissors

Maybe get mom and dad to help you with this (lol)

Cut cut the circle out

Remove the

paper at the back exposing the sticky part

Let me just stick that

That in the center of

That cone

So now it's got a

little bit of a black belt in the middle there

Can't really see it, but it just kills some of those annoying frequencies that you get from those scooped woofers

I don't know why they didn't like that. I think its a look thing that people like

Anyway anyway, so that's basically the speaker box done, so I will set that up here


our cable

Now hooking it up to the app is pretty straightforward. I mean. This is a bridgeable app so it lets run it from

across the two outputs


How to bridge this power apps it's usually written on the back here you just go from far left to far right basically

That gives you then

Double the power so now you're talking

Hundred Watts rather than 50

Now you could

You could screw this to the top of the box if you wanted to and you could take the little mixer

And you could stick that on the top here with a bit of

velcro or something like that or even better

You can screw the amp to the side of the bo

 With a little mixer that way you can sit on the box when you're playing if you sit and play


But I'm just leaving it on there for now

So speakers are in now, We're just gonna hook up to the battery and we've got to hook up our


Four channel mixer, so I hit what I have here is basically a plug in power cord for the mixer with

Plus and minus out and

I'm just going to piggyback that off the power input at the back of the amp here so positive

Goes into positive here negative

Goes into negative here that way when I hook up to the battery everything is on and working


That's our power

plugs into our mixer

so now we need to plug the output of the mixer into the front of the amp here and for that we need a

RCA to Jack cable

so this is a


Stereo, RCA cable

Good quality one again. Don't fall for a cheap they are not shielded and


to Jack plug

That plugs into the back of the the output or the little mixer and that goes to the input which is here

In there, so

That's basically it!  all we got to do now is plug it in and see how it sounds

And I'm back, and I'm just going to demonstrate with the Mega Stomp

Is here

So we need a battery to run this. Down here. I have a deep cycle

12 volt battery

Now this is the most expensive and heaviest part of the whole deal

But you could use a car battery

You could use any 12-volt battery as long as it has a little bit of grunt in it

You can even use a 12 volt power supply if you want to run off mains power

But you got to make sure that your power supply has at least

At least 10 amps output a little 500 milliamp 12-volt power

Supply is this gonna sound rotten to be perfectly honest be cause this this suck a little bit of power

This is a big amp here, so y ou need at least 10 amps

a battery like this, last time I tested on a bigger rig than this got us about five or six hours worth for playing

So you could go for a smaller battery something like a motorcycle battery or something like that, but that's up to you to experiment with?


Let's plug this in

And we'll hook this up to the power always make sure you get positive and negative correctly

Now I should get a microphone here, so we can get the full sound of what this sounds like

Beautiful playing... :)

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