vlog#1 Which amplifier is best for my stomp box?

  •  good day I'm Peter Sesselmann and welcome to blog number one so today we are
     talking specifically about amplifiers and what kind of amplifiers work well
     with with stompboxes and which ones don't work that great with stompboxes so
     because they said this is a question that comes up all the time and there is
     a lot of confusion about what is a good amp and what is the bad amp but it comes
     to stompboxes because some people might have a really good guitar amp but that
     doesn't mean it's a really good stompbox amp guitar amps are designed
     specifically for guitars and quite often don't actually have a lot of those bass
     frequencies that you need for a stone box sometimes even a bass guitar amp
     doesn't have those low frequencies so it's really it's a bit of a case of try
     and see how you go but i can give you a few basic outlines today anyway so let's
     get started i'm gonna demonstrate with one of my basic stompbox models here
     this is the Mega stomp so it has the puck in it and the wooden holder that's
     makes it more comfortable to play so as you can see I have a range of amplifiers
     set up here today going from a little practice and set up saying here that I
     use in my in my kitchen of all places box you tube running into an 8 ohm
     speaker so that makes it 25 watts if that was a 4 ohm it'll be 50 it has a
     bass shelf so that's a really nice warm sounding guitar amp underneath that
     you'll see this is a home theater sub that's just something that I normally
     have hooked up to my my television you know but I'm watching movies and you
     want that or listening to music especially music video so you want a bit
     of extra bass you know that's a good unit there I also have
     here a straight rig that I built it's good a 10-inch sub unit with a
     tweeter it has a battery powered car amplifier automotive amp and a
     little four Channel Behringer mixer and handle and wheels
     so you can trolley it around on we're gonna Behringer PA power amp here which is
     running into the the old the Peavey PA system that's a 15 inch black widow
     speaker with the horn nineteen 70s vintage good sounding speaker i have a
     delta bass cab with a 15" a mid and a horn tweeter a fender
     Princeton 65 an old Peavey keyboard amp that's a great little amp - it's got
     several inputs and that's got a 15 inch woofer and two tweeters in it here's a
     passive subwoofer again from a car so that's 4ohm and here I have the Mesa
     Boogie studio 22 with the extension cab which is the sealed cab has an open
     back that's sealed so to start off I'm going to demonstrate with the mesa
     boogie which is a great guitar app and it sounds absolutely amazing however
     pretty useless with the stomp box and I'll show you why so this is plugged in
     here now this is just the the combo the 12 inch Messer boogie open back okay so
     the back is open that's how it comes I didn't take the back off that it's a
     guitar amplifier so that it's not horrible but it's also not really deep
     warm and Bassy and that is because it's designed for guitar if I turn the gain
     up middle to start to distort because it's intended to be used for that type of playing
     if i plug in the extension cabinet which is a sealed back cabinet
     not that much difference maybe a little bit more bass if you listen really
     carefully but not much difference in a stomp box with a guitar this cab makes a
     huge difference that really fills out the bottom end but it doesn't help all
     that much with a stomp box but again the frequencies are much lower now if I plug
     in here I have a car subwoofer it's the second but mainly again that amp is not
     designed for stompboxes that's a guitar amp so there's not a lot you can do here
     I mean people say things like what if if I have an equalizer and a boost the
     bass I'll turn all the bass up on the equalizer it's not going to help you it
     because it's there is restriction of the amp and the speaker and the way the
     cabinet is designed you can you can turn the bass up all the way to ten and which
     it is here it's not gonna make any difference
     it just isn't capable of producing those frequencies and that's the thing with
     guitar amps I'll show you I'll turn this off and I'll plug in the Fender
     Princeton here on this one
     and you get a little bit of distortion in there because again it's designed for
     a guitar and again quite a nice sounding amp with the guitar but not that great
     with the stompbox so moving along we have a base amplifier or a power
     amplifier with a bass speaker the bass cabinet so
     it's like this input here again I've same with guitar amplifiers it's
     not just the size like this is quite a small amp and the boogie 2 is quite a
     small amp and I have people send me emails saying like ah but I have a a
     Marshall with 4x12" in it surely that would be great for a stompbox.. not really
     again it's not designed for those frequencies it's designed for guitar and
     it's designed to be over driven and to distort a little bit and things like
     that so you're not really gonna get a great sound for a stompbo
    0 now as I said a bass amp you you'll get a reasonable sound but it's still not going
     to be quite the perfect amp for a stomp box so let's try this and see how this
     sounds ok so now we have the the delta bass cabinet hooked up through the power
     amp and through just through the mixer here put to adjust the inputs and
     everything is at the zero there's no no boosting more bass or cutting off treble
     or anything just straight through and into the bass speaker so now it's time
     to get a little bit more exciting because we're getting sounds that Oh
     quite nice for a stomp box but we can still go deeper so let's try how the
     keyboard amp works out because keyboard have a very wide frequency range they go
     right from the really low notes up to the really high notes so they're usually
     quite a good amp really wide not actually use that to have four and four
     bass sounds really good so let's check that out
     okay so now now we plugged into the Peavey KB 100 again this is an old old amp but
     similar to keep what amps you would get today I would think listen to this so
     quite a nice sound mm-hmm I'll be more than happy to play and using that as a
     stompbox app now let's try the PA so we're not moving on to the Peavey BlackWidow
     1970s 15 inch PA let's see how that sounds okay so I got the Peavey is plugged
     in now I'll see how they sound with the stompbox now it's okay Its still a bit knockey though
     I want that that  really nice low or thundering low bass you know that really
     nice deep thing so what do we do then you're on do I need like this huge huge
     speaker or how do we get to those frequencies well a subwoofer will do it
     and it doesn't have to be a big subwoofer see here I got the that just a
     12-inch car-sub and I've plugged the other speaker input so this is going
     through one one's going to the Peavey and the other channel is not coming through
     this one and i'll pan across to that one first let me move the microphone a bit
     so now I'm going to pan across to the top
     oh yeah now are talking okay I'm getting into some nice dynamic sounds
     here and that's a lot smaller than the Peavey so it's not actually about size
     it's about the design of the speaker so and this is this is where
     becomes important because the subwoofer is a different design to a woofer most
     sample first will have a a rubber or foam edge around all around the airflow
     cone and they have much longer excursion so they can the speaker cone can move
     you know sometimes as much as 2 inches in and out whereas  the
     woofer that's in the PA that has like a corrugated cardboard or or fabric edge
     and it's limited to move probably about half an inch back and forth or like you
     know 12 millimeters so and also that the cabinet is that this one has them a base
     shelf in it so it's got a vent which is a shelf port and that again drops those
     lower frequencies off the bottom so that that's one how you get that nice
     and that's actually lower than you would get from a kick drum almost so just
     because a kick drum sounds nice through your through your PA or through your
     amplifier it doesn't mean that a stomp box is the same as the kick drum there
     are two different instruments that can be used for the same purpose but they
     are not the same instrument so now it now we're getting some really nice
     that's a great sound but it's not very practical though I mean you need a big
     power amp and you need a if you're playing guitar as well you were then put
     the guitar through this through the Peavey and maybe just a stomp box through the
     air and you've got the two channels so it gets a little bit fiddly but that'll
     give you the sound for sure so let's move
     to the side here where I have so I've got that little practice amp that I
     built that runs of 12 volts and I'll demonstrate that a little bit later now
     on the side here I have my my my practice app and I had a home theater so
     now if you're just playing with friends so you're playing at home practicing and
     things like that and you just want a nice don't box and while you're
     practicing or you're recording and you just kind of use that really nice low
     sound you don't really want a DI I if you want it in the room because the room
     adds a lot of dust of their homes to the stomp box that the boom of the room and
     the sound and all that so it sounds probably better than its mic when you
     Mic a stompbox through an amp then if you DI it mind you feed DI you can
     always fiddle and diddle and make it sound good so that's not a problem so
     but the interesting thing is with a home theater sub is that the output
     from the products that I make in particular I'm not can't say anything
     about the others because I don't I haven't tested all their output levels
     but this is actually strong enough and loud enough to be plugged straight in
     the back of a theater sub so you don't need a preamp you don't need anything
     and most of those powered subs they have a little volume control at the back so
     if you're just playing at home or you're playing a tiny little gig in a cafe or
     something like that you could get away with a small guitar take your sub from
     home the kids will have to watch it without the sub for the day and just
     plug your stompbox directly into the sub using basically an RCA to RCA so there's
     a standard stereo style cable it's a good quality one the cheaper ones aren't
     shielded so don't fall for the temptation of buying a cheap cable and
     then you can get a RCA to Jack converter but that just plugs in here and then you
     plug that into your stompbox plug that into the back of your sub and you've got
     a pretty sweet sound happening ill show you
     not just before I demonstrate with the sub I'm going to show you what it sounds
     like just through this little practice amp so no no surprises there obviously
     this is not gonna give you a super deep bass it's a little guitar practice app a
     great little app I'm gonna strap on an electric just for fun and I'm gonna plug
     this with my so that's just plugs in there like that
     and this goes in the back of the sub
     that that's that's the song there you're not that's what you want yeah
     now plug in a bit
     I mean I could do that all day that's a really nice deep rich sound yes so now
     I'm going to demonstrate this little Street rig I think said it has a ten
     inch sub building tweeter car stereo amplifier at the back at boosters
     amplifier and a little four channel mixer and it plugs into a deep cycle 12
     volt battery just like a car battery but a deep cycle one and that two generates
     a pretty nice low sub play a little bit
     you can see that sounds pretty good so let me put this away
     so in closing what have we learned what have we learned
     well we have learned that not every amplifier will give you a great sound
     with the stompbox we've also learned that to get a good bassy sound out of a
     stomp box it doesn't have to be a big amp it just needs to be designed
     correctly for a stompbox now the unfortunate thing is that I haven't
     really found something off the shelf that will give you this kind of sound so
     you are going to need a big PA or you're gonna need to use a little sub with a
     guitar amp or something like that kind of combining a few products together now
     that's not necessarily bad news because these these subwoofers the car one or
     the homes theater one there for 50 dollars normally a secondhand they're
     not expensive they're bulky and heavy and things like that yes but you want
     big booming sound there's gonna have to be a bit of size and weight in it
     because you can't you just can't get it or do I need a amp having said that
     though this isn't a particularly big and it's it's only a small they start
     cabinet and it's not that heavy you can pick it up like that and that sounds
     fairly good at low volumes you can't use that at a rock concert but you can't
     seem to buy something like that off the shelf so and I'm not in a situation at
     the moment where I'm going to make them to sell it may happen in the future but
     it's it's not available right now so the only thing I can offer you if you
    want something like that is I could do a blog on how to make one and they're not
     difficult to make so if you're interested in finding out how to make a
     little I am plug that especially a battery power that you can just take
     with you and play on the street and things like that then just make a
     comment in the youtube blog down below in the comments area and if there's a
     few people interested then I'll I'll do a video on how to make them you could
     make one in the afternoon quite nicely and that won't cost you a fortune either
     you can get the bit secondhand if you shop around or you can just buy them
     online or or through an electronics retailer and our I reckon setup like
     this probably under under three hundred dollars maybe I will say four hundred to
     to have a little bit of safety margin if you had four hundred dollars to spend
     you could build one of those apps easy so that kind of wraps up today's blog I
     hope it was a little bit informative and and that you enjoyed it I'll catch you
     next week I'm doing another blog next check the website for what which blogs
     are coming up and if you have any ideas or thoughts or things that you want me
     to mention in my blogs that might help other players then then send me a
     comment or send me an email or you can send emails to to the address written
     here and then I will try and include it in future blogs so thanks again for your
     time um I had fun I hope you had fun maybe and I'll catch you next week

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