New Rockn Stomp Ergonomic stomp box with tambourine

Good day i I'm Peter Sesselmann and today we're going to talk about the rockn 
0 stop now the first thing you'll notice about the rockin stop is that it has a 
0 tambourine in it now that's really just the beginning 
0 and there may be other models in the future with different sounds at the 
0 front as well it could be snares and things like that but the main difference 
0 between the rock and stomp and the normal stomp box is that this rocks with your 
0 foot as you're actually playing so rather than your foot beating down onto 
0 the stomp box the stomp box follows the foot as it moves up and down as it rocks 
9 on these two pivot points so why is that important well if you've been using 
0 stomp boxes for a while you'll realize that your legs can get quite tired from 
9 from playing and the interesting thing is that it's not the stomping that makes 
0 you leg tight it's actually lifting the foot up so the front part the front part 
0 of you you've seen here that muscle that runs up there is the one that gets tired 
0 from lifting the toe as you're playing a rockin stomp that is that is reduced a 
0 lot as the as you lift the toe you're also pushing down on the heel so it's 
9 not as if you lifting your foot up you're just kind of sliding back and 
0 forth and it allows you to play for hours and hours without any major 
0 fatigue issues the back section has the same stomp box sound that's my pocket on 
0 bars and classics and the other ranges that I make and this is also hand 
0 milled out of a solid piece of timber so not only being incredibly beautiful it 
0 is also extremely functional and also very ergonomic to play so you can check 
0 out my website you can find different timbers in different colors and 
0 different looks and I'll catch you there jingo.. :) 

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