acoustic guitar piezo pickup demonstration of the latest improved Peterman dual guitar pickup

I'm Peter Sesselmann the maker of the Peterman acoustic guitar pickup and
thank you for taking the time to watch this little demo, we're continuously
improving the our product over time and this latest version that you just saw in
the demo was was recorded in July 2018 so this is the latest model as it stands
at the moment there's been a recently this bit there's
been a little improvement to the pickup we've managed to make the sound a little
bit more natural sounding than was before and it was really good before but
now it's even that little bit better we are continuously striving to get that
pure acoustic sound like you would expect to get from a studio microphone, and it has been compared to a studio microphone, and  this
is the ultimate thing I think for a for a pickup to sound like a microphone but
without the the downside of having to have a completely padded cell
studio to record in, because of echo and reverb and and all that so the advantage
of having a pickup is that you can just plug it straight into your audio unit.
you could be sitting in the bathroom which is really echoing and you'd still
get a nice clean crisp a pure sound so as you saw I did two demos, one was
with a steel string Martin ooo and the other was with my my old trusty
Yamaha nylon string classical style guitar I'm not a classical guitarist but
I try... so I'm gonna show you a little bit about
the pickup, it has I has a a little leather strap that fits onto your end
pin,  if you guitar doesn't have an end pin like the classical one, it
comes with a little suction cup so that you can this instead of the endpin, now you'll notice on this.. and I did this on the Martin as well
 the pickups are mounted.. I put the treble
pickup, which is the timber one on the actual bridge itself and I put the bass
pickup in front of the bridge now this is just my personal preference it's not
necessarily the best place for you to place the pickup it's just I have found
on this particular guitar and on the Martin OOO which are smaller
bodied guitars there's a nice bass tone right there in front of the saddle
however on some dreadnoughts and western style guitars the bigger bass sound is
actually at the back of the saddle but then again as I said every single
guitar is different so it's up to you to try different positions to find what's
gonna work best on your instrument and for the sound that you're after, so let
me show you a little bit about how the pickup is installed it's very simple I'm
gonna go back to my Martin and show you so firstly what I do is it comes it
comes with some tack (blue tack) the stuff that you would have put the.. you know you
posters on the wall when you were a kid or posters on the wall of you kids room..
whichever way it works out!  it's available in every stationery store it's
it's really good it stays tacky for long you can you
can refresh it by just pulling it a bit like that, and you can easily get
more in any stationery shop as I said.. so ugh and it doesn't mark you instrument, unless you leave it on there for
 like years and years and years so that
might end up marking,  but if you replace it and move it around a little bit..
I'd say once a week or once a month, I reckon you'll be fine I certainly haven't noticed any marking on my guitars 
so what I do is firstly I make for the
treble pickup I make two tiny little pea sized balls can you see that?.. and I
put them on the pickup there I put one 
at each end of the pickup
where the cable enters the head and the opposite end so leaving the open free
and that that gives put a little bit more air in there it's difficult explain
exactly what it does but it makes the sound I feel it makes the sound more
Airy more open not so closed then with the bass pickup in this particular case
I'm making it a little sausage it goes again right across so you have the two
two dots and in the line okay then as I said I found that on this smaller bodied
guitars it's quite nice to have the bass pick up kind of in front of the saddle
nice a little little fiddly to get it in there but once it's there, it's 
nicely tucked out of the way so it's not you're not going to bump into it or
accidentally thump it because if you're playing and thump the bass pick woooh...
the sound engineers gonna have a fit and then the treble pickup in this
case because I like a bit of tinglyness and a bit of steel in the sound so
I'll put that on the side of the saddle here on the treble side and I just
massage it gently this kind of gently wiggling it in place rather than this
using excessive force and that's kind of it that that is the install you know you
are now ready to record or play live or whatever you choose to do the there is
an internal model available as well that 
you can actually install inside your
guitar just check out my website and 
you'll see all the different models this
one is a volume control and also this 
very soon he'll be one with the volume
and tone control just 
be a separate demo for that because
that's quite an interesting it's not a tone control like you would find on an
electric guitar for instance where it's just taking the top end off
it's a tone control that changes the the middle of the pickup so you still got
your nice top end and you've got your nice base and then you can you can blend
the middle so that that's particularly useful for instruments that are
middle sensitive like banjos or resonators or ukuleles and things like
that where bass and treble is a given but it's that middle part you want to be
able to adjust so um.. thanks again for having a look at this demo and
that's that's pretty much it, now that's the install, you've heard what it sounds
like so the only thing left to do now, is go to the website and you can check out my products there and if you have any questions just send me an email and I will do my best to answer it.


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