The ultimate premium foot percussion unit, ready to stomp on! Custom made to stand on, the Peterman Stomp da floor - professional stomp box-stompbox uses 4 rare-earth transducers, to get that solid deep bass sound and includes 2 additional PUCK' N STOMPA stomp box modules, of your choice. Hand made in Australia from quality hardwood, the Peterman STOMP DA FLOOR professional stomp box is easy and comfortable toe or heal playing, producing an alternating bass, snare and 'tok' sound like none other.


  • custom made foot percussion to stand on
  • solid deep bass sound *
  • 4 dynamic pickups
  • XLR or 'jack' outputs
  • comes with 2 x (snare and tok) PUCK 'N STOMPA professional stomp boxes
  • whole foot, toe or heal playing
  • stable, rugged
  • portable
  • beautiful hardwood timber construction, vulcanised rubber hockey puck
  • hand made in Australia



* A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound also use a subwoofer.




Colour: red-brown timber (natural variation depending on supply), black hockey puck
Pickups: 4 rare-earth (Neodymium magnet) transducers
Outputs: balanced, low impedance XLR and high impedance quarter-inch phono 'jack'



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Stomp da floor - professional stomp box-stompbox

  • AU$800.00

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