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The perfect stomp box for the DIYer. Forget the Piezo guitar pickups that are designed to reproduce the acoustic sound and go for the SUPER MEGA BASS of the magnetic transducer used in the Peterman PUCK 'N STOMPA acoustic stomp box. The Peterman D.I.Y diy professional stomp box is designed to not only pick up some of the sound of your wooden box but generates a whole new dimension of earth shaking bass.*

install depth is 2.65cm 10cm long and 7cm wide

The install kit comes with the Peterman transducer wired and ready to install. Simply pop the jack plug through a hole, either stick the transducer on with some double sided tape or screw it in, and you are off and stomping. Complete instructions are also included.

A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound also use a subwoofer.




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DIY - bass - pickup professional stomp box stompbox

  • AUD 110.00 (US$82.17)

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