This ABS 5mm thick molded plasic STOMPA acoustic stomp box. Using a stronger, louder sounding transducer, the Peterman SUPER PRO STOMPA BASS professional stomp box is the perfect percussion instrument for the professional musician who gigs constantly and needs to be able to make repairs and service the unit at the gig.. Housed in a ABS molded case it comes with 1xspare transducer and 1xspare transformer and parts can be exchanged with a single screwdriver. Extra spare parts are availbla in the DIY section, with a bass output like none other, this SUPER professional grade  STOMPA produces a strong, punchy bass drum sound * when stomped with your toe.


  • toe playing
  • strong, punchy bass drum sound
  • dynamic pickup
  • safe to use with your amp/speakers
  • 'jack' output
  • easy playing
  • small, portable - fits in your guitar case
  • durable: made from a Molded ABS Plastic
  • Can  be repaired with the use of a single screw driver
  • Comes with replacement Driver/transducer and replacement transformer.
  • hand made in Australia



A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound also use a subwoofer.


Dimensions: 1" height, 3" width
Colour: black

Pickups: 1 rare-earth (Neodymium magnet) transducer
Outputs: standard quarter-inch phono 'jack'


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SUPER PRO STOMPA - PRO 80Hz BASS - Self service stomp box-stompbox with spare Transducer and transformer.

  • AU$199.00

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