RECESSION BUSTER - get those gigs you don't normally get, with this RB-Snare stomp and The RB-Bass you can do Solo or duo gigs with ease!

Buy it now! and get practising, soon people will be wanting LIVE music again!!!!

The Recession Buster acoustic stomp box. Using a stronger and darker, sounding transducer, the Peterman RB-Snare professional stomp box is the perfect percussion instrument for the professional musician. Housed in a robust ABS and timber, with a bass output like none other, this professional grade RB-Snare produces a strong, rich snare sound * when stomped with your toe.


  • toe playing
  • strong, darker snare sound
  • Piezo pickup
  • safe to use with your amp/speakers
  • 'jack' output
  • easy playing
  • small, portable
  • durable: made from ABS quality plastics and timber
  • hand made in Australia



A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound also use a subwoofer.


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RECESSION BUSTER- SNARE - professional stomp box-stompbox

  • Brands Peterman Acoustic
  • Product Code: RB-Snare
  • Stock: In progress 2 weeks lead-time
  • AU$129.00

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