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The GRIT SNARE/TOM Drum dynamic microphone is designed to reproduce and capture the true sound of your snare/tom drum. Perfect for live or studio applications, this snare/tom drum microphone is hand-made in Australia using high-strength polypropylene/nylon construction, is lightweight and non-scratch. The  A great sounding microphone that mounts in a unique way, allowing you to get right into the sweet spot! "Get right in there"


  • for snare or tom drum
  • unidirectional

  • dynamic frequency
  • XLR plug
  • easy mounting

  • light weight

  • non scratch

  • high strength polypropylene/nylon construction

  • hand made in Australia

"Get right in there"




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GRIT - SNARE/TOM Drum - dynamic microphone

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  • US$74.25

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