Peterman Acoustic Guitar Pickups: The difference

Acoustic guitar pickupAcoustic guitar pickup

Acoustic guitar pickup


In Conclusion:

The 2 actions (Squeezing and bending) create a bigger fuller sound than other pickups of the same type, without the need for a pre-amp (unless you use a mid-low impedance amp) see hints and tricks section!.
Its not rocket science, but it is Science!!


Peter Sesselmann

An acoustic pickup is a transducer device that creates an electrical audio signal from acoustic sound waves, allowing acoustic instrumentalists to project their performance into large spaces and venues and for recording.

The Peterman Pickups is different in philosophy and design. It uses the same Piezo elements as all popular piezo pickups but with a few design modifications. Firstly lets start by the obvious. These piezo elements are called piezo Benders, because they give maximum output when under bending stress, they also give an output when under other kinds of stress, like pressure and heat. Each of these stresses give different results as far as sound is concerned. If we think of a piezo element like a "cheese sandwich" where the cheese is the quarts crystal and the bread is the conductors, then we can imagine that if we squeeze the sandwich we get a voltage or if we bend the sandwich we get a stronger voltage, but less fidelity, so how to take advantage of both.


Part1 - how the Piezo acoustic Guitars Pickups work.

To maximize the squeeze effect (the higher frequencies) I have included a counter weight on top of the pickup (sandwich) so that when the guitar body vibrates there is more stress on the crystal, producing a larger frequency range.

Acoustic guitar pickup

Part2 - how the Piezo acoustic Guitars Pickups work.

To get maximum sound reproduction out of the bending phase we must allow the edges of the pickup to swing free, if the entire surface of the pickup (sandwich) is glued to the sound board you will not get any bending action.
So at this point the materials used for the casing of the pickup is vital to the sound as the weight and tone of this material will affect the way the pickup bends. Not surprising I found that the best sounding material was wood, just like your guitar!!!
For the bass pickup I found that much more weight was needed and ended up with a die-cast bi-metal alloy. The two pickups work together to produce a rich and natural tone.
Don't get me wrong, the single pickup has a full range too, its just that the dual pickup goes that one step further!

The Difference:


  • No drilling or modifications to your instrument, the jack is clipped onto your endpin and the pickup is attached using a reusable blue tack!
  • Can easily be transferred from guitar to guitar making it very valuable for recording studios and live sound systems.
  • Have you ever had a guitarist turn up with a flat battery? Or a guitar without a pickup?
  • No batteries required.
  • Uses a female 1/4" jack, so its compatible with all other guitars.
  • Fits easily into your guitar case.
  • Can be moved around the surface of the guitar to pickup different sounds.
  • Use 2 pickups for stereo sound.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Natural Acoustic sound, by moving pickup towards or away from bridge you can adjust the amount of steel string sound vs. Woody box sound!
  • Can also be used as a supplement for instruments with built in "bridge pickups" to add a more wood in the mix by placing the peterman pickup in different positions and adjusting the balance between the two pickups


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