The Peterman external Acoustic pickup is the original tuneable pickup.

Designed for guitars and smaller body acoustic instruments eg: small ukulele, mandolin, violin etc, it emits a natural, authentic acoustic sound and is easy to install and use. A valuable tool for recording studios and live sound systems, the Peterman EXTERNAL Acoustic Guitar pickup can be fitted, adjusted and transferred to suit any sound-board instrument using the jack plug, endpin strap, suction cup and ball of putty.

  • natural acoustic sound
  • adjustable timbre for all sound-board instruments
  • great for guitar 'body; percussion'
  • 1 x piezo transducer
  • high impedance 'jack' output
  • plug and play (no batteries required)
  • portable, movable and transferable
  • wood
  • hand made in Australia



Attachments: endpin strap, suction cup, putty
Pickups: 1 piezo transducer
Outputs: high impedance female quarter-inch phono 'jack'
Information: printed instructions



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Peterman - external - single Acoustic guitar, ukulele, cello, banjo - pickup

  • AU$99.00
  • AU$79.00

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