Featuring a built-in passive mixer/volume control, along with two piezo crystals to pick up both the bass and treble frequencies, the Peterman DUAL EXTERNAL w/ATTENUATOR acoustic guitar pickup can be tuned to your guitar's sweet spot frequencies.

Designed for both nylon and steel string guitars, the Peterman DUAL EXTERNAL w/ATTENUATOR acoustic guitar pickup also works great on bowed string instruments such as violins, cellos and even a piano. The pickup is high impedance, and will work without tone sacrifice right down to 80Kohm. 

The Peterman DUAL EXTERNAL w/ATTENUATOR acoustic guitar pickup ships with an endpin strap, suction cup and a ball of reusable putty, allowing easy fitting and transfer to any instrument. It is also compatible with other guitar pickups.

  • full, deep, rich natural acoustic sound
  • great for guitar 'body percussion'
  • bass and treble pickup heads
  • high impedance 'jack' output
  • plug and play (no batteries required)
  • portable, movable and transferable
  • wood and die-cast metal
  • hand made in Australia


Attachments: endpin strap, suction cup, putty
Pickups: 2 piezo transducers (bass and treble)
Outputs: high impedance female quarter-inch phono 'jack'
Information: printed instructions



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Peterman- dual external with volume- Acoustic guitar, ukulele, cello, banjo - pickup

  • AU$169.00
  • AU$129.00

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