The great sounding Peterman stomp box that straps to your foot. Producing a strong, punchy bass sound* when stomped with your foot, the Peterman EGG STOMP BASS/SNARE professional stomp box has a bass output like none other and is the perfect percussion instrument for the professional musician. With an action as natural as walking, the Peterman Egg stomp bass or snare professional stomp box is always where you want it, and allows you to keep in time — whether you are walking or dancing around.

  • strong, punchy bass drum sound* or snappy Snare sound
  • gain has been set to be compatible with wireless guitar interfaces.
  • dynamic Bass pickup - Piezo Snare Pickup
  • safe to use with your amp/speakers
  • 'jack' output
  • easy playing
  • small, portable - fits in your pocket
  • durable
  • hand made in Australia



* A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound also use a subwoofer.


Colour: black and timber
Pickups: 1 rare-earth (Neodymium magnet) transducer or Piezo crystal
Outputs: standard quarter-inch phono 'jack'





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Egg stomp - bass /snare- professional stomp box-stompbox

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