The additional stomp box for the DIYer. The Peterman DIY SNARE professional stomp box is the perfect companion to the Peterman DIY BASS professional stomp box transducer. Designed to give your wooden box a mid-range sound in between a 'snare' and a clap. 

install depth is 2.65cm 10cm long and 7cm wide

The install kit comes with the Peterman transducer wired and ready to install. Simply pop the jack plug through a hole, either stick the transducer on with some double sided tape or screw it in, and you are off and stomping. Complete instructions are also included.




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DIY - snare - pickup professional stomp box-stompbox

  • AU$110.00
  • AU$89.00

Tags: snare, heel, toe, jack, DIY, Pro, acoustic, stomp-box, transducer, hand-made, snare, drum, percussion, foot, professional