A beautifully crafted classic timber stomp box with the 'snare' type sound of the PUCK ' N STOMPA SNARE professional stomp box. The Peterman CLASSIC SNARE professional stomp box uses the professional-grade rare-earth transducer pickup with a special weighted and dampened magnetic membrane producing a mid-range sound between a 'snare' and a 'clap' when stomped with your toe. With a slanted front for extra comfort when playing, the Peterman CLASSIC SNARE professional stomp box is the classic accompaniment for the professional musician.

  • classic toe playing
  • 'snare' sound
  • dynamic pickup
  • no batteries required
  • standard 'jack' output
  • easy, flexible playing
  • stable, rugged
  • portable
  • hardwood timber
  • hand made in Australia

Dimensions: 1"thick x 4"square
Colour: red-brown timber (natural variation depending on supply)
Pickups: 1 rare-earth
 (Neodymium magnet) transducers
Outputs: quarter-inch phono 'jack'

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Classic - snare - professional stomp box-stompbox

  • AU$199.00
  • AU$169.00

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