Intended for players who use acoustic guitar amps with "no line input (Gain) control", the Peterman acoustic guitar ATTENUATOR will give you the volume control you need, reducing feedback and high frequency distortion at low levels.

  • useful for onstage volume control
  • reduces feedback and high frequency distortion
  • also useful in any situation where you would like a volume control.
  • can be used in amp effects loops to reduce noise and volume, when practising.



NOTE: The resistor values inside the volume control are designed for Peterman Acoustic Pickups, 

The potentiometer is wired across the "male" jackplug and when volume is reduced to "0" the male jack will have a short circuit.. the female socket will have a resistance of 100K 


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"JackPot" Peterman - attenuator/volume Jack plug- acoustic guitar

  • Brands Peterman Acoustic
  • Product Code: P-AG-a
  • Stock: Shipping after January 15, 2022
  • AU$40.00

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