Become More Versatile, with Stomp Box Accessories in Brisbane

You can do a lot with just your voice and an acoustic guitar. However, at some point, you might want to add some extra flavour or versatility to your live sets — particularly percussion. Of course, one option is to hire a drummer or a full band to accompany you. The issue is that then you're splitting your pay for the night among several musicians — not a great option if the money is minimal from the outset.

Luckily, at Peterman Acoustic, we have an option that will add percussion and rhythm to your sets without extra musicians. We design and build a line of stomp box accessories, marketing them to Brisbane musicians just like you. Stomp boxes are small instruments on their own: small, durable units that you can play with your foot, that sounds like a bass drum. Whether you wish to add some lively percussion to your rockers or some extra rhythmic depth to your set's most soulful ballad, a stomp box from Peterman will allow you to do so.

Investing in stomp box accessories in Brisbane will allow you to play a wider range of styles as a solo performer, from folk and blues to acoustic rock 'n' roll. Your versatility, in turn, will help you land more gigs and engage more audiences, thereby making it possible for you to make more money without adding a single new member to your band.

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