Get Your High-Quality Acoustic Guitar Pickup in Brisbane

You have your favourite guitar. You’ve practised tireless, long hours with it, used it to bring enjoyment to friends and acquaintances and strummed on it when feeling inspired or even bored. So why would you want to go through the trouble more

Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Other Musician Accessories Available in Melbourne, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Whether you are looking for an acoustic guitar pickup in Melbourne or a stomp box in Sydney, Peterman Acoustic is the place to shop. For the past five years, we have been running an online retail business based on handmade musical instruments more

Get a Fuller Sound for Your Next Live Performance in Sydney: Invest in an Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Perhaps you're making the move from small rooms to medium-sized venues, or maybe you are tired of bumping into your guitar microphone while trying to get into the groove of a performance. In either case, it's worth investing in an acoustic more

When You Absolutely Must Have the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup in Brisbane, Peterman Acoustics Has the Goods

If you're a guitarist, you know the frustration that comes from trying to make your instrument produce the sound you desire. You tune and retune your guitar, but no matter how much you try, it still sounds like you're playing a wet noodle! Have more

Make Your Next Jam Sessions Rock with the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup in Melbourne from Peterman Acoustics

Learning the guitar is a never-ending process, from figuring out the quirks of each instrument to getting that "just right" sound you want when you play. At Peterman Acoustic, we're musicians making products for musicians. We've taken more

Need to Blow Away the Competition? Peterman Acoustics Has the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup Sydney Musicians Will Find

Trying to make your band stand out from the many others competing for attention across Australia is quite the challenge. It doesn't help when you're struggling to make your acoustic guitar sound good, either. If you and your bandmates aren't more

Peterman Acoustics Gives Brisbane a New Path to Music-Making with the DIY Stomp Box

Part of being a musician is always looking for that new and exciting sound you haven't created before. Adding in flourishes, improvising solos or fills, tweaking the way your guitar is set up - anyone interested in making music has experimented more

Have more Fun at Open Mic Nights, with a Custom DIY Stomp Box from Melbourne's Peterman Acoustic

Attention solo singer/songwriters: if you've been looking for a way to liven up your solo open mic night performances, a stomp box from Peterman Acoustic is the perfect way to do it! With a stomp box, you'll be able to add simple percussion more

Busking in Sydney This Weekend? Expand Your Sound with a DIY Stomp Box from Peterman Acoustics

Busking is all about creating exciting, engaging music that your audience of passers-by can enjoy. When you're a one-man (or woman) band, especially one that plays primarily outdoors, creating depth for your sound can be a challenge. When more

Have the Best Drum Mics in Brisbane with Peterman

If you’re a serious drummer, you have full confidence in your abilities. The sound you create doesn’t need to be altered through the use of an intrusive but, unfortunately, necessary microphone. That’s why Peterman Acoustic drum mics more

Beat the Challenges of Recording or Amplifying Drums, with GRIT Drum Mics in Melbourne

Recording drums is no easy task. Particularly in a home studio environment, it can take hours to tune the drums, set up the kit, arrange mics on each drum, test the setup and lay down a great performance. Not just any mic setup can record a more

Up Your Studio Quality Sound with GRIT Drum Mics from Sydney-Based Peterman Acoustic

Any studio drummer will tell you that his sound will only be as good as his sound engineer. Drummers and sound engineers alike will find that the GRIT drum mics from Sydney area Peterman Acoustic will provide outstanding sound time and more

Become a More Versatile Solo Artist, with Stomp Box Accessories in Brisbane

You can do a lot with just your voice and an acoustic guitar. However, at some point, you might want to add some extra flavour or versatility to your live sets — particularly percussion. Of course, one option is to hire a drummer or a full more

Drummers Can Add to Their Repertoire with Stomp Box Accessories from Sydney-Based Peterman Acoustic

Drummers and other musicians looking to expand their musical style can do so with stomp box accessories from Sydney area Peterman Acoustic. Our handmade musical instruments provide musicians with sounds that they cannot capture anywhere more

Get Stomp Box Accessories in Melbourne and Shipped Worldwide

So you’ve put in the practice, logged many lonely hours in your garage or bedroom, and are ready to show the world how good you are. You’ve found the perfect bandmates, people with whom you get along, share the same vision, and want to more

Capture the Studio Sound of Your Guitar in a Live Setting: Invest in the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup

If you've ever gone into a recording studio to cut a song or make an album with a professional producer, technician or audio engineer, then you've seen the steps that go into capturing a full, pure and authentic acoustic guitar sound firsthand. more .

Find the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups That Are Hand Crafted from Peterman Acoustic

Finding the best acoustic guitar pickups for your show or band can be a major pain. Everyone enjoys a good live show, but many do not fully comprehend the technical hassles that can go along with staging one. Often, there are half a more .

Expand Your Musical Range by Adding a Drum Mic Set to Your Brisbane Shows

Microphones are amongst the most common pieces of musical equipment. Sadly, though, most performers do not think to mic all the necessary components of their set. Namely, musicians and mixers tend to focus on amplifying the guitars and more .

Prepare to Move from the Open Mic Setting to a Full Stage with a Drum Mic Set in Melbourne

Every musician has humble beginnings whether that means playing on the street with an open case for tips, doing open mics, or playing songs at request at weddings. How to get yourself from that level to headlining festivals is a more .

Should You Use a Drum Mic Set for Your Band's Next Live Show?

If you are playing live shows in auditoriums or other larger rooms, it goes without saying that you will need to amplify your drums similar to any other instrument on stage. However, bands playing smaller venues or rooms often wonder more .

How to Get a Better DIY Recording, with Top-Quality Drum Microphones in Brisbane

Modern musicians are lucky. Technology has advanced to such a level that high-quality microphones, digital audio workstations (DAWs) and other recording necessities can now be had at affordable price points. Indeed, making a DIY more .

Boost Your Revenue as a Musician by Adding Drum Microphones to Your Sydney Shows

How can a microphone increase your revenue? It’s surprisingly simple. You may or may not realise that you even need drum microphones for your Sydney shows. Until you play with them, though, you will have no idea what you are missing. By more .

The Importance of Investing in Durable Drum Microphones

In a working band setting, instruments have to be able to stand up to a lot of wear, tear and abuse. On tour, dozens of people might be handling any given instrument before, during and after a concert. Add the travelling and the actual more .

Crank Up Your Open Mics with Handmade Guitar Pickups in Brisbane Delivered Right to Your Door

To any casual musician, an open mic is your Carnegie Hall. It is your chance to show off to a crowd eager to hear you even if they do not know who you are or what you play. We have all been to open mics and seen performances that range in more .

Do You Need New Guitar Pickups?

If you play acoustic guitar and have played live enough, the chances are that you've contended with the question in the title of this article before: do I need new guitar pickups? The bad news is that there is not a one-size-fits-all answer more .

Looking for Kick Drum Microphones in Melbourne? Peterman Acoustics Delivers Stellar Sound.

It’s the session of a lifetime. You’re rocking hard - banging out a rhythm that has the crowd moving, punching out a baseline that shakes the amplifier. The crowd is screaming; the stage is shaking; and then your microphone snaps, turning the more .

Want to Transform Your Sound? Peterman Acoustics Offers the Best Guitar Pickups in Sydney, Melbourne, and Beyond.

In the darkness of the studio you sit - huddled around the mixing board, headphones shoved tightly on. Today's session blares in your ears, ringing out with a series of kick drum punches and bassline beats. It's smooth; it's clear - it's more .

Struggling with Your Drum Mic Set? Sydney Musicians can now Achieve Superior Sound with Help from Peterman Acoustics.

It’s a simple plan - set up your drums; clip-on your mic; and provide the groove for the band to rock on. It’s three steps to success and you’re ready to play. There’s a slight flaw in your musical strategy, though more .

Embrace Passive Perfection. Peterman Acoustics Offers No Impact Guitar Pickups in Melbourne, Sydney, and Beyond.

It’s a moment of silence - stretched taut and terrible. You peer down at your guitar, a drill heavy in your hand and a fear heavy in your mind. Will this destroy the lacquer? Will it peel away the paint? Visions of broken strings and busted more .

Looking for Guitar Pickups in Sydney? Peterman Acoustics Redefines Your Sound.

It’s an open mic catastrophe - with every riff falling flat and every lick failing to inspire. Your chords are sour; your sound is soft; and the audience peers up at you with blank-eyed disinterest, waiting patiently for the next act more .