The ultimate foot percussion unit, ready to go! Two big stomp sounds in one base station. The Peterman MEGA STOMP BASS & TOK professional stomp box contains both a BASS stomp box and a TOK stomp box housed in a MEGA STOMP Dual base station. Hand made in Australia from quality hardwood, the Peterman MEGA STOMP BASS & TOK professional stomp box is easy and comfortable toe or heal playing, producing an alternating bass * and 'tok' sound like none other.

A good bass sound requires a good amp. For optimum bass sound also use a subwoofer.

Dimensions: 20x150mm

Colour: red-brown timber (natural variation depending on supply), black hockey puck
Pickups: professional grade dynamic transducer
Outputs: standard quarter-inch phono 'jack'


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MEGA STOMP - BASS & TOK - professional stomp box

  • AU$299.00
  • AU$269.00

Tags: acoustic, stomp box, puck 'n stompa, bass, tok, percussion, foot, professional