With easy installation inside your sound-board, The Peterman DUAL INTERNAL w/ENDPIN JACK acoustic guitar pickup will emit a full, rich, authentic, natural acoustic sound.

Using two piezo crystals to pick up both the bass and treble frequencies, the Peterman DUAL INTERNAL w/ENDPIN JACK acoustic guitar pickup is the perfect pickup for the professional acoustic instrumentalist. 

  • permanent installation
  • natural acoustic sound
  • great for guitar 'body; percussion'
  • bass and treble pickup heads
  • high impedance 'jack' output
  • plug and play (no batteries required)
  • easy installation: all instructions and adhesives included
  • portable, movable and transferable
  • softwood (Rock Maple) timber, die-cast metal
  • hand made in Australia

Remove the Endpin from your guitar. Using a drill or reamer, enlarge the hole to 12mm. Insert the Endpin Jack and screw into place with pliers or coin. Once the Endpin Jack is in place, plug the pickup onto the internal male jack. Glue the pickup head/s in place using adhesive.


Due to YouTube altering the sound of Videos (reducing the quality, by file compression) I have included a Mp3 recording of (the dual) pickup in Action, Borrowing a few notes from Ralph McTell's Streets of London:
Click Here to play Streets.mp3


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Peterman - DUAL INTERNAL - w/ENDPIN JACK - acoustic guitar pickup (Jul2018)

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  • AU$129.00

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