Student Vs. Professional

The main difference between the Student Grade and the Professional grade is the output impeadance and volume, sometimes it is also the timbers used in the case of the Classic.

The difference between the PRO High impedance and the Student Low impedance is best described as less gain in the student, giving the appearance of the Pro Being louder.

The Professional is intended for the player who must have the best sounding and looking product, as part of their profession and must have the maximum flexibility.

The student is intended for players who demand the best sound and value for money!

Both the The Professional Grade transducers and the student now use Rare Earth magnets and have a Louder and slightly deeper sound,

The student model is perfect for people who play occasionally or as a backup spare, for professionals incase they loose their beloved professional model.

Dont get me wrong Volume is not everything, and the student stompbox has a sound like no other stompbox on the market.... except the professional model!!

You could simply turn the amp up a little, and you kinda get the same result!!!

Below are some sound sample and some frequency and volume screen shots.


Feature Student Professional
Magnets Rare Earth Rare Earth
voice coil wiring Tripple Tripple
Warranty lifetime lifetime
Output Volume Loud Extra Loud
Transducer Watt Rating 3 watt 3 watt
Frequency Peak 45-75Hz 45-75 Hz
Impeadance 4 Ohm 600 Ohm


Both stomp box models are of top quality and I promise they sound better than any other stomp box on the market, or your money back!!!

As a developer of musical instruments, I can never rest and I am always making improvements, this is what caused me to develope the "Professional" Transducer. There was nothing really wrong with the "student" It sounds great and I have sold 1000's of these transducers to amateurs as well as professionals, Its just that when I came up with the "professional" design, I had to offere it for sale, its my duty as a designer to make these available. Obviously these new transducers are a lot more expensive..... they cost me almost 10 times as much as the "Student" model. It really depends on your specific needs. If you rely on your stomp box as a working musician, then I would reccomend the "Professional" model, other wise the Student would be fine for most people.