Vocals Lessons

Stevi has been singing and performing since she was 10 years old. Over the years, she has performed as a solo vocalist of bands — rock, pop, blues and jazz; as a backing singer and as a session musician. Stevi has also lead community singing groups, choirs and singing workshops.

With a friendly, personal and creative approach to teaching, Stevi will provide a safe space for you to explore and unlock you voice. As your teacher/coach she will offer you suggestions, ideas and advice in your quest to become a better singer/performer — whether singing for your own enjoyment, as a solo performer or as part of a duo/band.

Lessons include a mix of ...

Tips on singing

— posture and efficient breathing for singing
— relieving vocal tension
— how to get different tones
— changing bad voice and singing habits
— motivation and choice of material to sing
— extending your range
— pitch accuracy, ear training, dynamics and flexibility
— looking after your voice

Learning songs

— singing the song
— how songs are built and music theory
— the importance of tempo, rhythm and accent
— styling/genre approaches and choices
— using the internet resources

Performing songs

— stagecraft
— necessary tools and tips
— microphone use