Bass Lessons

Alex loves playing music and has been a bass player for over 10 years. He has performed professionally in a diverse range of bands — rock, pop, blues, jazz, funk, reggae, latin, world and also as a session musician. Alex is also a drummer and percussionist.

As your guide, Alex’s encouraging support will give you confidence to explore a range of styles and genres in your pursuit to become a flexible competent instrumentalist — whether playing for your own enjoyment or as the solid foundation for a band.

Lessons include a mix of ...

Tips on playing the bass

— posture and breathing
— hand position, fingering and economy of movement
— changing bad playing habits
— motivation and choice of material to play
— easy playing chords and walking lines
— tuning, set up and looking after your instrument

Working on learning songs

— playing the song
— how songs are built and music theory
— the importance of tempo, rhythm and accent
— styling/genre techniques
— using the internet resources

Performing songs

— stagecraft
— necessary tools and tips
— amplification and effect pedals
— riffs, embellishments and improvisation