Mixer for Dual megastomp.(does not include Megastomp base station)

made from same timber as Megastomp and attaches easily!

This Box allows for two stomps... ie Bass and snare or bass and tok to be plugged into one input. It can also be used to plug Guitar and stomp together saving one input in your amp!

These splitter has a volume control for each stomp unit and an impedance mixer built in!!

Now your amp only need one input for your two stomps.....

2x inputs, with volume 1x Output

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MEGA STOMP - MIX - professional stomp box

  • Brand: Peterman
  • Product Code: MS-MIX
  • Availability: 955
  • US$75.81

Tags: stomp, box, splitter, cable, with, dual, volume, control, and, mixer, all musical, instrument guitar, cabl-split-dual-vol