Makers promise


" I don't want to make rubbish, there are enough people doing that already!" Peter Sesselmann

100% satisfaction guarantee 

All products made under the name of Peterman Acoustic are hand made by Peter Sesselmann and Alex Yates, they are all carefully checked and tested before they are shipped. 

Quality of product and service is always the number one objective.

Peter offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with the product, and If the product is returned to me within a reasonable time period (3-6 month should be enough) you will get your money back!
(If you bought the product from a reseller please contact them first!)

All the products I make come with a "life time" warranty against faulty workmanship or components, 
These products are quality handmade products and their failure rate is extremely low, however it does happen that there is a dry solder joint causing intermittent sound or a crack in the glue or wood appears. 
If this is the case PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE, contact me immediately and/or ship it back to me, and I will fix it straight away and get it back to you free of charge!
Peter Sesselmann

I want you to LOVE these products!