Stomp Box Accessories from Sydney-Based Peterman Acoustic

Drummers and other musicians looking to expand their musical style can do so with stomp box accessories from Sydney area Peterman Acoustic. Our handmade musical instruments provide musicians with sounds that they cannot capture anywhere else. Our stomp box accessories, like our other instruments, are handcrafted from the finest Australian and international timbers. The percussion instrument can add another element to a band or a solo artist looking for accompaniment.

Among our stomp box accessories in Sydney, the most popular and biggest seller is the Puck’n Stompa, which as the name eludes, looks like a hockey puck. The device is actually made from rubber but can also be encased in timber. Musicians use these stomp boxes by tapping or stamping their foot on them to produce a sound very similar to that of a bass drum. Imagine an acoustic performer looking for a backbeat on certain songs or a band’s drummer looking to create different sounds other than a typical thumping bass drum. The stomp box is the perfect musical accessory.

Musicians can find our Peterman stomp boxes in a few retail outlets in Australia but can always find them online on our website. We believe we are the best maker of these niche musical instruments providing musicians with outstanding quality and value with our handmade products. We also offer a lifetime warranty and a 100-percent money-back guarantee should we fail to deliver that quality and value to you.

For more information on our stomp boxes, acoustic guitar pickups, drum mics, and more, call us directly on 0408 722 092. You can also visit (and like) our Facebook page to see upcoming specials and new products.