Studio Quality Sound with GRIT Drum Mics from Sydney

Any studio drummer will tell you that his sound will only be as good as his sound engineer. Drummers and sound engineers alike will find that the GRIT drum mics from Sydney area Peterman Acoustic will provide outstanding sound time and again. These are also the absolute easiest on the market to use sliding and bending to any position. As the name suggests, GRIT, or Get Right in There, drum mics allow drummers, techs, and sound engineers to capture sound right from the sweet spot of any drum.

GRIT drum mics are handmade at Peterman Acoustic offering drummers the biggest sound at the smallest size. Our GRIT mics record exactly the sound that your drums or cymbals produce. It is a dynamic microphone that provides a very open sound. GRIT drum mics are easy to use with a bendable neck and adjustable clip which allows you, your drum tech, or a sound engineer to position the microphone wherever it needs to be to capture the sound you desire.

Our GRIT drum mics for Sydney area percussionists are handmade for your acoustic snare drum, rack toms, floor toms, and kick drums. We also manufacture mounting brackets so that the mics can be used to capture hi-hats and ride and crash cymbals. You will also find mounting brackets for specialty drums such as congas.

Step up the quality of your recording and live sound with the finest handmade quality drum mics in Sydney at Peterman Acoustic. All of our products come with a lifetime guarantee and 100-percent money-back guarantee. For more information, call us directly on 0408 722 092 and stay updated on our latest specials and new products on our Facebook page.