Have the Best Drum Mics in Brisbane with Peterman

If you’re a serious drummer, you have full confidence in your abilities. The sound you create doesn’t need to be altered through the use of an intrusive but, unfortunately, necessary microphone. That’s why Peterman Acoustic drum mics Brisbane are perfect for your drum accessory line up.

Peterman Acoustic drum mics are handmade here in Australia, designed for great sound, simplicity of use, and portable convenience. They accurately amplify and reproduce the sound of your drums, without altering it for the worse. After all the work you’ve put into making your drums sound perfect, we understand the importance of not having this perfection altered by subpar microphone systems.

We use only the highest quality of materials: a nylon hydraulic hose often used in heavy machinery, and circular clips made of polypropylene, which is a material that becomes stronger with use. Not only are these materials durable, but they’re guaranteed not to scratch or damage the chrome or timber finishes on your drums. With materials of this quality, you can rest assured that they will hold up under heavy pressure, and you won’t have any unwelcome surprises during your live performances.

For further proof of our drum mics’ durability and reliability, some of our customers have said: “They sound like a 57 (if not better),” “Blown away with the sound of these mics, excellent service, A+++,” and “Awesome.”

Don’t wait any longer. Get the performance you deserve and order your drum mics in Brisbane now.


GRIT - KICK Drum - triple dynamic microphone

GRIT - KICK Drum - triple dynamic microphone

The GRIT KICK Drum triple dynamic microphone is the perfect microphone to get the fattest bass sound out of your kick..

AU$149.00 AU$199.00

GRIT - CYMBAL - overhead condensor microphone

GRIT - CYMBAL - overhead condensor microphone

The easy rim mounting of the GRIT CYMBAL overhead condenser microphone makes this the perfect mic to amplify your cym..

AU$99.00 AU$149.00

GRIT - Hi-Hat Bracket -  Cymbal

GRIT - Hi-Hat Bracket - Cymbal

These brackets offer the ultimate convenience for getting the optimum sound out of your Hi-Hat Cymbals. Hand-made in Australia, ..


GRIT - GUITAR & BASS AMP - microphone

GRIT - GUITAR & BASS AMP - microphone

Guitar and Bass amp microphone, simply hang in front of your amp for perfect sound, unlike microphones that end up pointing at ..

AU$129.00 AU$149.00

GRIT  - Drum Kit - MEGA - Microphone

GRIT - Drum Kit - MEGA - Microphone

The MEGA GRITkit set of 8 Peterman microphones is an efficient way to assemble a collection of mics. Delivering an im..


GRIT - SUPER - drum microphone kit

GRIT - SUPER - drum microphone kit

Balance cost with convenience with the SUPER GRIT kit. This set of 5 dynamic drum microphones are designed and hand-made i..


GRIT - CONGA Drum - dynamic microphone

GRIT - CONGA Drum - dynamic microphone

With the addition of the new customer-designed mounting bracket, the GRIT CONGA dynamic microphone is now simpler and easier to..

AU$99.00 AU$129.00