Should You Use a Drum Mic Set for Your Band's Next Live Show?

If you are playing live shows in auditoriums or other larger rooms, it goes without saying that you will need to amplify your drums similar to any other instrument on stage. However, bands playing smaller venues or rooms often wonder whether or not amplifying the drums is necessary. After all, drums are naturally louder than, say, an acoustic guitar or the human voice, and they don't inherently require amplification in the same way electric guitars or bass guitars do.

Whether or not you decide to use a drum mic set to amplify your drummer will depend first and foremost on the PA system you use. If you are working with a sound system that only has a limited number of inputs, then the drums will probably be the first instrument to be cut from the amplification list. In a smaller venue, you can get away without amplifying the drums if necessary.

However, keep in mind that 'if necessary' is the key caveat in that statement. If your PA system is not limited, then your sound mix will almost definitely sound fuller, crisper and all-around better if you take the time to amplify the drums.

At Peterman Acoustic, we can help. Instead of using one or two microphones to capture the storm of your drummer's kit all in one, we manufacture a special drum mic set that amplifies each drum in your kit individually. These microphones capture the exact sound that each of your drums makes, resulting in a more studio-ready drum sound in live shows. In fact, our drum mics are so good that many bands use them for studio recordings and live performances alike!

Bottom line, there's no sense settling for an imperfect drum sound when you can blow your audience away with a crisper and cleaner sound. Click here to read more about Peterman Acoustic's drum mic set.