Is this a boost pedal? No...

Is this an effect pedal? No....

does it change my sound? Not really....

so what is it? Its the opposite!

Its an "Underdrive"

It works like a boost pedal, but it does not require batteries and there are no active electronics inside... so how does it work??

Wel, Its basically a switchable volume and tone control, so you set your amp to be "Lead Loud" and with Lead "treble boost" then you engage the Underdrive and set your "Rhythm" Level and tone... So its the opposite of a boost, but it works the same way!!

Unless you are driving all your amp settings on 10 this will work the same as a clean boost, but without any of the complications.

Made from beautiful solid timber, this is the simplest most versatile and beautiful effect pedal you will ever own!!

Perfect for players who "Don't use effects"...

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Underdrive UDA1.0 Passive Attenuator with tone control and true bypass.

  • Product Code: UDA1.0
  • Availability: 99
  • AU$199.00
  • AU$169.00

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