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Peterman Acoustic Stomp Box Information-"THE DIFFERENCE"
Introduction The Puck'n Stompa Acoustic Stomp Boxes:,

 A stomp box or stompbox is a simple percussion instrument consisting of a small wooden box placed under the foot, which is tapped or stamped on rhythmically to produce a sound similar to that of a bass drum. A stomp box allows a performer such as a singer or guitar player to create a simple rhythmic self-accompaniment. Stompboxes are most commonly used in American folk and blues music, but are found across the musical spectrum​.

Peterman Acoustic Stompbox is the most original wooden stompbox hand crafted by Peterman from the finest Australian and international timbers. Although funny enough, the most popular and biggest seller is actually made from a rubber Hockey Puck The "Puck'n Stompa", optionally encased in timber. Known also as a timber acoustic stomp box, foot percussion, foot pedal, cajon foot pedal, percussion box, box drum, porch board Bass, rhythm box, acoustic drum box, stomp box drum, foot stomp, bass drum trigger, foot stompbox, bass foot pedal, peterman pedal hand drum and many other names around the world. In the on-line shop you will find my current stomp boxes, that are hand made in Australia. I ship these units all over the world so now you can buy stomp boxes online and not worry about the distance!!

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megastomp dual tok

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A stomp box is a percussion device that you basically stomp your foot on to make a percussion sound, usually a bass sound. Although most Stomp boxes have very little bass to talk of, usually because they are made from a block of wood or a cigar box, or even a little metal tin with a Piezo pickup glued inside. This is very unsatisfactory if you want a bass sound, being a manufacturer of Piezo pickups this was obviously my first port of call, to simply stick a piezo in a block of wood, I can honestly say.... This really is unsatisfactory, you need to do a lot of post processing to get any sound worth listening to. Although a lot of musicians use these kind of foot tapping devices and they are excactly that "Foot tapping devices" not a foot bass at all, I can't understand why.... There are a few GOOD Stomp boxes on the market, made in Australia and Germany, and you will notice that the best ones don't use PIEZO pickups!


Why Not Piezo?

The Problem with piezo equipped stomp boxes is that Piezo Pickups are Fantastic for amplifying what they are attached to, like acoustic guitars, cellos even Cajons.
so why not a stomp box? well because a little wooden block doesent have the sound you want, so simply amplifying the block of wood isn't going to give you a "BASS" sound, but rather the sound of the wooden block, only louder. So in order to get that deep warm Bass drum sound we have to look outside the square and introduce a vibrating element. A bit like an electric bass guitar uses a string-pickup rather than a big acoustic body, my stomp boxes use a vibrating membrane and a pickup, creating a bass sound in addition to the sound of the Box/puck or whatever you use the transducer in!


The Peterman Acoustic stomp box
This little Pucker packs a punch, it is virtually indestructible (made from a real ice hockey puck) and it has a weighted and dampened membrane (skin) supported inside so that when amplified, sounds less like a wooden box and more like a "REAL" kick drum. And at 1 inch thick and 3 inch round it fits in your pocket!!!
No Batteries, no sampled sound just the genuine "sonic boom" of your boot stomping out the rhythm. If you are a drummer just bring a snare and a few brushes and a lot of feel and whammo you will have a sound that will blow your audience away!!! Guitarists, just plug it into your amp or PA and tap your foot to the beat and it will sound like you have a drummer backing you up!!!Hand Made by peterman its your guarantee of quality

Well strictly speaking these stomp boxes are not really acoustic as they need amplification to work, but they are not digital sound modules either, rather an electric analogue sound device ( a bit like an electric guitar) in this the Puck'n Stompa foot bass is just like the other stompboxes on the market, but thats where it ends.

The Puck'n Stompa is totally different to the other acoustic stomp boxes / Foot bass on the market, firstly this acoustic stomp box does not use a Piezo pickup to produce its sound, but rather a magnetic coil pickup (like electric guitars and dynamic microphones and bass speakers).



The internal workings of this revolutionary acoustic stomp boxes.
Acoustic Stomp Box



Never before has there been a stompbox product like this!


Both the Puck'n Stompa and the Mega Stomp have smooth frequency sound production,
Because it is not simply a pickup/microphone in a box, it has therefore a longer more dynamic sound as a result of the internal workings.
This results in a Sonic BOOOM that appears louder and more forceful.
Make no mistake... these are NOT like other stomp boxes!
Acoustic Stomp Box


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