Players Reviews

"The Puck 'n Stompa stomp box by Peter Sesselmann is an amazing percussion instrument!  Very solidly built, the sound is amazing, and it's attractively portable and priced.   The Puck 'n Stompa has enhanced my live and recorded performances beyond my expectations!!" 

N. Scott Robinson, USA

I've bought 2 similar rhythm devices before i've discovered  Puck'n Stompa  by Peterman. Im a professional musician doing music for living last 19 year, as a hired musician, in a project bands or playing my own music. The music market today is getting smaller and smaller so for me to survive the only solution is to be flexible, so very often im performing with my Gibson es335, keeley compressor, austone millennium overdrive, HAO rumble mod, Boss RC2- looper  in to guitar amp and Puck'n Stompa  by Peterman in PA system. That the Holly Grail! it really works, you can build dynamics together with you guitar and voice, you can kick asses, you can rock jazz swing, what ever and it sounds so real! Now im recording my next CD and againg Puck'n Stompa  by Peterman - thats the rhythm ! Puck'n Stompa  by Peterman's worth much more than it cost! its your individuality, makes your sound recognizable.

Deyan Kaloyanov, Norway 

”It's the great pocket pick-up.”

Geoff Iliff, Australia

I am very pleased with my Mega Stomp Mk II. I does everything it is supposed to and produces a good solid bass beat. Very easy to carry around and the Puck  can be removed for even more compact carriage. I am using it through a Pig Nose at home and that works ok. Very good through a PA.
I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing a Stomp box. 
Hamish Urquhart, Buderim.

Hamish Urquhart Australia

'The Puck'n Stompa is a great little addition to my arsenal of percussion instruments.....and it packs a punch!' 

Ramesh Shotham-Percussionist, Germany

The Puck'n Stompa is just pure awesome and gives you that beat your after.

Lachie Hol, Australia

I love my Peterman guitar pickup, undoubtedly the best quality pickup for the price.

Jesse, Australia

Aussie Punter

“ I use the Peterman pick up on a wide range of acoustic instruments.  I play lots of lap slide so have a range of instruments converted for this purpose including dobro’s, weissenborns and even 12 string acoustics.  The Peterman works on all of these with true tone, a really hard thing particularly with dobro.  I use it with straight to the PA without any issues.  But the best thing is I can amplify vintage instruments without having to do any modifications.  I highly recommend Peters pick ups.  

Derek Lark, Australi

“ The Puck’n Stompa competes my percussion rig perfectly”
Hal Schrenk (Award winning percussionist and drummer), Canada 

"Eating the Moon uses Peter Sesselmann Stomp Boxes - they're great!"

Andy , Australia

I use a Peterman Pickup on several different acoustics.  Being able to move the pickup from one guitar to another in a flash is great, but an equally big bennie is being able to position the pickup precisely for the tone I want on a particular guitar.  I then run it through an equalizer for fine-tuning.  It's a top-quality, no-hassle pickup.  Great solution for me!
Neal Smith, Indiana

 We use my Puck ' n Stompa mounted in my Mega Stompa in our acoustic alt country band here in Eastern North Carolina and we love the added dimension it gives to some songs.  And it's so compact it fits into the side of my mandolin case.  I love to show people that it's made from a real hockey puck, from Australia no less.  Peter Sesselman has come up with a very ceative and affordable design. 
Patrick Del Rio,

Oriental North Carolina, USA

 I unwrapped my Puck'n 'Stompa from it's packaging and threw it in my gig case and forgot about it. 
A week later as I was setting up for a solo gig I saw the Puck'n Stompa and thought ..."What the hell I'll plug it in and see what happens".  I didn't eq it or level test it... just plugged it in and then started using it, and it worked like a charm....I've been using it for every gig since.
Thank you. Kye Cole, Australia

I installed the Peterman dual pickup internally in my Washburn acoustic and it sounds great. excelent value for money.
grant scott, Australia
"The addition of the Puck'n Stompa to my acoustic sets has been fantastic! I love the real 'bass drum' sound and wouldn't play without it!"

Great work!

Dave Heavyside, Adelaide. 

Fractal uses Peterman pickups and they really have a great sound in the turkish saz, and altiplanic charango!

Here Fractal live at Stgo, Chile using the Peterman pickup!,

I have one acoustic and two rather costly classical guitars that I did not want to chance ruining by installing an internal microphone system. 
I transfer the dual pick up between each guitar as needed, and have found it to work extremely well. 
I especially appreciate the way the sound technician can highlight the particular personality of each instrument.
Thanks! Pastor Tom Lucas

"Really diggin' these pucknstompas!!!!"

Adrian Whyte,

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