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Peter Sesselmann is an Artist/Musician that lives and works in the Hunter Valley outside Sydney, Australia. Peter has developed some very exciting products that allow guitarist and other string players to amplify their Acoustic instruments without any modification to the instrument as well as accompanying themselves with a stomp box rhythm/foot bass. All these products are hand made and checked by Peter himself. Peters Art studio and Gallery is open most days and feature vibrant and exciting artworks in Oils on Canvas. Click here to see more: index.phpPeter has supplied his Stompboxes to almost every country in the world, and the customer feedback says that these are the best sounding stompboxes available, they are also the most original stompbox design on the market today. This on-line shop allows you to purchase stompboxes and acoustic guitar pickups direct from the maker. All Peters Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Acoustic Stompboxes come with a lifetime Guarantee! Musicians all over the world have discovered these Microphones and pickups, as well as Percussion effects of the stomp box bass, and other sound modules. Now its possible to make Acoustic music the way it was supposed to sound. Why should your fingers have all the fun? let your foot in on the  stompbox Joy! http://www.acoustic- Domain name rego and hosting