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Peter Sesselmann artist studio and gallery


Commission painting is when a painting is made to order, and created especially for you.
This could be from your own image or a recreation of one of my past paintings in either the same or different size. It may also include or exclude items found in the original painting. Generally there is no surcharge for commissions and they are priced the same way as my normal paintings.
However there are circumstances where there may be additional costs and a quote is always recommended.
SizeShapePrice Est.

60x90 cm
$ 950-
60x120 cm
$ 1250.-
60x150 cm
$ 1540.-
75x75 cm
$ 1000.-
75x100 cm
$ 1300.-
90x90 cm
$ 1400.-
90x120 cm
$ 1800.-
90x180 cm
$ 2700.-
120x120 cm
$ 2400.-
120x180 cm
$ 3500.-